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Zhengzhou bus ride long tribute teachers can receive carnations – Beijing, Beijing, Zhengzhou, September 9, (Wang Qiulan) "to death to make silk, wax torch ashes tears." This is the best interpretation of teachers. Once a year the teacher’s Day is coming, Zhengzhou rapid transit road B13 commander Yu Liqiang and other four long bus with a beat, chipped in to buy to 1000 carnation, from September 8th to 10. They are going to each of the teachers carnations complimentary to the B13 bus ride. 9, the reporter came to the Zhengzhou power plant bus station scheduling room, saw the activities of the promoters Yu Liqiang. He was driving in the front door of the bus at the reporter noted that the outside of the coin box and put up a "commander invites you to take a bus to a color pages, it says:" if you are a teacher, take the bus, please show me the teacher qualification certificate, who help you card, and send a blessing." In the driving seat next to set off a bunch of beautiful and colorful carnations, the whole bus becomes warm and vibrant. Yu Liqiang said, although Zhengzhou has entered the fall, but the weather is still not high, considering the large temperature difference between day and night, he will be the carnation soak in the bucket, to ensure that every teacher can receive a beautiful carnation. At 7 o’clock in the morning, as usual, Yu Grote driving the bus stops at one station, waiting for the passengers on the bus, saw a young woman took the teacher towards the direction of the bus came, after confirmation, the lady surnamed Meng, is a teacher of five primary school in Longkou, with Yu Grote a smile took a carnation from beside the bucket, and then sent to her hands. Can free ride this bus from bus, also received the blessing of a long, looked at the hands of the carnation, often take the B13 bus line for teacher, this is the first time since she was a teacher to receive this unique blessing. "I every day after work to take bus route B13, as a teacher, in the teacher’s day to receive such a carnation especially surprised, especially handsome long bus, also said that many wishes to me, really thank them, let our teacher through a meaningful the holiday." Meng teacher said with a smile. Yu Liqiang told reporters, in addition to his own car, there is the same line of four buses are also on this activity, as long as the teacher of the passengers, and show the teacher qualification certificate, you can receive a carnation, also can free ride the bus trip. But considering the teachers’ work is busy, the teacher qualification certificate does not necessarily carry, as long as the commander said "I am a teacher" can also enjoy the same treatment. "The teacher is the engineer of the human soul, he is like a candle, burning their own light to others, I have many relatives are engaged in the teaching profession, so deeply know the teacher’s hard and difficult, as long as the bus your own meager strength." Yu Grote admitted. Yu Grote also told reporters that they planned a carnation in a total of 1000 branches, he and 4 other B1)相关的主题文章: