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Zhang Yimou used the traditional culture to shoot global Blockbuster: Chinese elite troops to save the world – Sohu culture channel reporter Yin Xuesong directed by Zhang Yimou blockbuster "the Great Wall" will be held December 16th National release, the film brings together Matt, Tian Jing, Damon? Pedro? Pascal, William, Andy Lau, Zhang Hanyu? Dafoe, deer Han, Eddie Peng and Lin update Zheng Kai, Huang Xuan, Chen Xuedong, Wang Junkai, and other Chinese and foreign luxury lineup. 15, the film held five military build-up, with big point "conference in Beijing, director Zhang Yimou brought Tian Jing, Luhan Lin update, Huang Xuan a public actor debut, Chinese tells the story to the world with global films. The traditional culture beat global blockbuster "the Great Wall" tells the story of an ancient elite troops for the defense of human life and death battle in the the Great Wall staged a story known to the world. Before the release of "the shadow" featurette, selfless, fearless, shadowless, nameless the shadowless image touching. Released the same day the five army special show of five army soldiers fought the momentum, the detailed characteristics of the five site and secret army: Zhang Hanyu and Luhan where the army is bear melee troops, and monsters fight hand to hand with Tian Jing command of the crane in the gluttonous; such as birds of prey, drop from the clouds; Eddie Peng led the tiger generals, control of heavy organ by hydraulic, trouncing Lin update of gluttonous; the eagle army is a gluttonous archers, invading, bullets like rain pouring down; Huang Xuan commander Lu Jun, such as gallop in the jungle road in Milwaukee, killing hemorrhage group gluttonous. Five military officers and men work together, in the theater on the the Great Wall to cooperate with different operations, careful operation, like precision gear. Zhang Yimou on the conference to the media and the audience introduced the five army design ideas. He said many of the five army inspiration from the traditional Chinese culture, with the five beast as the representative of the five armies, is followed by the ancient Chinese named after the beast tradition. Zhang Yimou believes that Chinese elements can not only add beauty and rich details of the film, but also the core of the story and the film. He said the movie is set in the Northern Song Dynasty, when the China feelings most strongly, they fight to defend the Great Wall, not afraid of sacrifice, selfless and fearless shadowless shadowless ring is the most powerful army, "the Great Wall" for the film’s place. He said he would tell the world a good Chinese story in the world. "The shadow" gathered for the first time unveiled the conference is also Tian Jing, Lu Han Lin update, Huang Xuan several five army soldiers recruited under coach Zhang Yimou for the first time in the rally debut. When Tian Jing was asked as the only female in the film, and the Cukuang bold men than what advantage, Tian Jing said that this is the essence of the crane in crane, she said the army is composed entirely of women’s army, and take advantage of the female clever, into the most unique attack the way. A green screen Huang Xuan recalled the most difficult shot, because the five army’s opponent is gluttonous, must be presented through late effects, they are filming only to green screen and air, then director Zhang Yimou personally to play their first shot gluttonous gluttonous, "in the one thousand meters away from where, where, what they are doing second shots"相关的主题文章: