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Zhang Gaoli met to attend the thirteenth session of the China – ASEAN Expo China – ASEAN leaders – Politics – people.com.cn newspaper Nanning on 10 September,   (reporter Liu Huaxin, Yang Ye, Zhang Huizhong) of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli 10 in Guangxi, Nanning to attend the thirteenth session of Chinese met respectively with ASEAN Expo and the ASEAN Business and Chinese the Prime Minister of Kampuchea Hong Sen Investment Summit, Vietnamese Prime Minister Ruan Chunfu, vice president of Burma Wu Minrui, Lao Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand Ba Jin song contest. In the meeting with Hong Sen, Zhang Gaoli welcomed the presence of the thirteenth China – ASEAN Expo in the World Expo, the Chinese people’s Republic of China, China and the United States, China, China and the United States, and. Zhang Gaoli said that President Xi Jinping proposed to build a "The Belt and Road" initiative, is a major strategic vision to build a community of interests, the fate of the community and community responsibility. The theme of this year’s China ASEAN Expo is to build a maritime Silk Road in twenty-first Century, to build a closer China ASEAN Community of destiny". All along, Cambodia has played a positive role in maintaining and promoting the overall development of China ASEAN relations, the Chinese side highly appreciated. China is willing to work with Cambodia continue to maintain the momentum of high-level visits, implement the consensus between leaders of the two countries, promote the continuous development of bilateral relations, deepen pragmatic cooperation in various fields, to speed up the Chinese ASEAN Community of destiny construction, bring tangible benefits to both countries and peoples of the region. Hong Sen said that Cambodia Cambodia firmly push forward the comprehensive strategic partnership development, is willing to make joint efforts with China to strengthen pragmatic cooperation in agriculture, transportation, water conservancy, power and other fields, and actively promote the development of relations between ASEAN and China. Ruan Chunfu met with Zhang Gaoli, welcome to attend the China ASEAN Expo and China’s official visit to China, mr.. Zhang Gaoli said that general secretary Xi Jinping, Premier Wen and the Vietnamese party and state leaders have maintained close exchanges, the two sides reached an important consensus on deepening the comprehensive strategic cooperation between China and Vietnam on the top of the two sides on the top of the agreement between the two sides of the cpc. China is willing to make joint efforts with the Vietnamese side, in order to implement the high-level consensus as the main line, promote pragmatic cooperation between the two countries to the breadth and depth of development, strengthen cultural exchanges and consolidate public opinion of the Sino Vietnamese friendship, promote the healthy and stable development of Sino Vietnamese relations. Vietnam is this year China ASEAN Expo theme country, I believe in the joint efforts of all parties, the Chinese – ASEAN Expo will be a success, to create a more closely China – ASEAN Community of destiny to make a positive contribution. Ruan Chunfu said, the middle has a comrade and brother of friendship, I hope to continue to strengthen high-level exchanges, deepen pragmatic cooperation, I wish the Chinese – ASEAN Expo has become a friendly, cooperative and successful event. When meeting with Wu Minrui, Zhang Gaoli said that China and Myanmar linked mountains and rivers "paukphaw" friendship has a long history. Last month, President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and chairman Zhang Dejiang respectively with visiting Minister Aung San Suu Kyi held talks and reached important consensus on deepening bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership. The two sides should maintain the momentum of high-level exchanges, enhance political mutual trust, deepen pragmatic cooperation in various fields, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of bilateral relations, consolidate and develop the traditional friendship between the two peoples, to better benefit the two peoples. )相关的主题文章: