You show me the skills to become a piece (video) pork face

You show me a piece of skill to here Tian small meow subscription number: txm808 brain hole open Dave always can develop all kinds of magical tricks, but they don’t know what it feels like, anyway, Xiaobian each time and see all that is right: the preservation of blue, blue in there after the blue…… Until one day, small to see foreign sister paper buyers show, is should be a sentence: you show is nirvana, is a piece of my show…… However, the hypocrisy of life is to expose, so that we know the facts of the cruel is also quite good, to come together with the small series with a disillusioned! The first type: cards we have seen this Eyeliner? Along the edge of the card will draw a clear boundary of the cat eye liner. Natural goose!…… Why is this so…… In fact, the sister paper made several problems, first she is a little bit higher upturned Eyeliner position, then take the card is not very stable, in fact, this is a very real problem, do not think that will not make! Eye upward angle probably along the reverse liner extension line, expression ability is not strong in small series or graphically show you guys…… If you find that you use the card also draw buyers show effect, or you work with a card stunt Eyeliner (general you excel Xiaobian freehand also no problem……) Or you just a section, do not shake hands slowly on the line. The actress will see pseudo makeup makeup makeup painted with pure effect of second type: Lipstick cover black eye some time ago this super fire, it is said that a beauty makeup bloggers with red lipstick successful cover black eye, even as concealer. Natural goose! Directly into the red eye ah! This method is in fact not completely reliable, and said the family is covering the lipstick black rim of the eye, as it is because she used a concealer good lipstick, lipstick and plus is a complementary color of the black rim of the eye, plus she covered up Concealer with a strong cover the ability, if you casually took the orange lipstick to cover the black eye, ha ha…… Please look at the picture. The third type: the law before the clown grooming Xiaobian also used techniques push relevant content. "Just a grooming routine where so many" these foreign sister paper have & play out a new world, of course, so many fancy only virtuoso…… After all, if it is to make new words into such tolerance…… There are a lot of her problems, the first thing is to use a paste products from the sister paper face product marks is obviously liquid, then must move quickly, before must paste with quick kill smudges, this really is a test of skill thing, not too confident honestly, step by step, in your wings before they don’t virtuoso. The fourth type: save the broken lipstick principle is very simple, is melted by heating the lipstick, melted partially filled faults, fix! But if you can’t control the lighter…… In this case, Xiaobian recommended you find a spoon of lipstick completely melted, buy dish and beautiful packaging box, made of lip brooding…… The fifth type: adhesive tape to draw a clear outline of the principle of eye shadow and painted Eyeliner almost, although Xiao Bian think!相关的主题文章: