Yiyang man lied to apply for public rental housing fraud 370 thousand yuan jingfangxingju ghost observer

Yiyang man lied to apply for public rental housing fraud 370 thousand yuan are detention [Abstract] the text of a Yiyang man lied inside, money can help people quickly apply for public rental, fraud has 42 more than 37 yuan, has been jingfangxingju. After the text of a wife in a similar scam, he simply follow the debt fraud > > original title: "help" to apply for public rental 370 thousand yuan fraud arrested – Heshan police uncovered a major fraud "as long as the money, you can apply for public rental housing". The man pretended to have some internal people can apply for public rental fraud has 42 people in a temperature of more than 37 yuan. Recently, Heshan police cracked series case for others to handle public rental fraud. A 35 year old suspect Wen, Taojiang County, Pine Town, 2014 started to contract floor renovation work in Yiyang City, but the business has not improved. During the period, the text of a wife deceived by others, a number of friends and relatives were to be able to apply for public rental housing on the grounds, cheated more than 10 yuan in cash. What a wife cheated because of the loss caused by matchmaking, only by a commitment to the family, the economy suddenly ends. In order to repay the debt as soon as possible, the text of some people feel better to imitate other people to cheat money. He pretended to have internal people, can help people quickly apply for Yiyang city public housing, but need to pay 8000 yuan to 10 thousand yuan money to take the relationship. In August 2014, a text can apply for public rental housing news spread in the circle of friends, many friends have to pay for a paper for gospel truth, help. This paper after a money, let them bring the affectation of this account, identity cards, marriage certificate copy, is said to help them to go through the formalities, and take them to a small house, a few months can promise others, to further obtain the trust of others. In January 2015, the text of a similar trick, cheat the temperature of a trust, by the temperature of a charged 31 yuan entrusted loans from the hands of Yue Moubing 35 people together to go to the text of a relationship. The money, in addition to the return of part of the debt, the rest of the money squandered. The temperature of a public rental housing has not found out many telephone inquiries a text, a text can always evasive, repeatedly prevarication. But over time, the paper not only did not answer, the phone also shut down lost, realized cheated a people choose to report to the public security organs. Heshan Public Security Bureau police brigade case, police dispatched by investigation, found the whereabouts of A. In August 17th, police in the central city of a hotel will be the one arrested for questioning. After the trial, some of the others for public rental fraud confessed to the crime. Currently, the suspect has been under criminal detention according to law, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: