Yan value burst table performance experience as a driving force recorder 1s- Sohu car yo te amo

Yan burst table values of powerful performance experience LETV tachograph 1S- Sohu automobile Sohu [distance headlamp] with the bad guys to get rich road at the private car, various pengci event recorder sales achievement exposure. The majority of owners have gradually realized that the several hundred yuan small things, can not only help you will be responsible in the traffic accident, but also to avoid the old lady Pengcier, far greater than the value of its own. However, the traditional single function of the traffic recorder, but also limits the pace of its development, many manufacturers have to develop new features and racking their brains. LETV tachograph 1S we experience today is another way to develop social sharing, auxiliary driving and other functions, through experience, Xiaobian think this innovation is consistent with the contemporary young people’s appetite. The Internet has always been to cost-effective for the brand, so LETV tachograph 1S price is relatively close to the people, there are two versions, the standard version is 299 yuan, exclusive version of 399 yuan, 100 yuan price, including a Bluetooth controller, line cable clip also shovel. In the recorder itself hardware and function, the two are exactly the same. This time we test for everyone to enjoy the version. The two version of the biggest difference is that the exclusive edition provides a Bluetooth remote control, it will be installed nearby, convenient emergency or emergency video capture photos. The operation is very simple, click to capture, video, press two times. Need to be paired for the first time, and then no longer needed. Compared with the traditional driving record form, LETV tachograph 1S design bright spots after unpacking at first glance do not see it is tachograph, classic red and black color, shape the aircraft engine for the creative prototype, it looks very cool, especially the red turbofan engine blades, to allow the driver to resist, can serve as a decorative accessories in the car. The material, LETV tachograph 1S using composite material technology of glass fiber +PC, the body strong and flame retardant, no formaldehyde releasing, 0 pollution. Pearlescent paint inkjet let the whole body full of texture, and car accessories. And durable, able to adapt to -20 – 70 degrees of work environment, whether it is cold and summer heat. LETV tachograph USA Ambarella 1S built-in A12 chip, 720P, 1080P, 1080P can record HDR and 1296P HD video can easily record tiny details in the driving process, clear identification of vehicles license plate number. Can be said that in addition to video clarity, a standard shooting angle is judging the recorder, LETV 1S with 160° the wide-angle lens can be the entire front range, including the left and right sides of easy income picture, but also to ensure quality, refused to screen deformity. In addition, the music, as the 1S has 6 sets of high-precision glass lens, F1.8 aperture, even in the night driving, but also to ensure the picture definition. The installation process is very simple, and the power cord extends along the groove of the top of the front windshield, and extends downwards through the A column to the glove box, and the bottom of the glove box is moved from the bottom of the glove box to the 1S.相关的主题文章: