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Xu Yuyu suspects a clear division of labor according to the "script" cheat Xu Yuyu tuition remitted to the suspect, anxiously waiting for the other to call back. Source CCTV screenshots recently, in the unified command of the Ministry of public security, the 8 suspects involved in the case of all. The police preliminary investigation, from the beginning of August 2016, within a month, six to grant total deception fraud more than 30 thousand yuan, 9900 yuan is the biggest in the case of Xu Yuyu. CCTV reporter to interview the suspect fraud, when his scam liar complete reduction we found that Xu Yuyu’s tragic death, exposing the telecommunications fraud behind those in the gap and open the black hole. How they cheated Xu Yuyu tuition? Zheng Xiancong posing as staff of the Bureau of education on August 2016, 19 in the afternoon, playing a phone call home to let Xu Yuyu joy. Xu Yuyu, who lives in Shandong, admitted to the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications this year, due to family difficulties, she applied to the education sector grants, the call to inform her that she can receive the grant immediately, the. However, the mother and daughter would not have thought that this call to the staff of the Bureau of education is from Jiangxi, a rental house to play, the person called Zheng Xiancong. Zheng Xiancong, 26 years old, Fujian, Quanzhou, people in the county, when he dropped out of elementary school grade four, telecommunications fraud Gang frontline staff, his role in this scam is: posing as staff of the Education Bureau of the staff of the. "I said to her, you have a sum of two thousand six hundred and eight student grants, if you want to receive it, today is the last day, you should contact the job with a certain financial bureau staff, then she called my number to her." Fake Finance Bureau staff Chen Wenhui lured Xu Yuyu when remittances in accordance with each other to provide financial bureau number to the past, answering the phone is the fraud Gang second officer, also in Jiangxi Jiujiang this rental house, posing as staff of the Financial Bureau Chen Wenhui began a dialogue with Xu Yuyu. Chen Wenhui, 22 years old, Anxi County of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, the first grade junior high school, the main organizer of the fraud Gang, as second-line staff, his role is to work personnel and Finance Bureau, which is the most critical part of the trick, trick each remittance. "I just asked her to go to the bank to check, see subsidies to no, and then check the way her card above how much money." Xu Yuyu Xu Yuyu lured the rain came to a nearby bank remittance to activate the account name, on the other side of the phone, Chen Mansfield began to implement the whole trick the most important step, in order to activate the account name, trap Xu Yuyu remittance. Chen Wenhui asked Xu Yuyu to have the full tuition fee of the bank card, and then put these cash into his designated student account activation. Automatic teller machine before the monitoring probe left the last image of Xu Yuyu, the same day 17:30 or so, Xu Yuyu took out 9900 yuan tuition, and then all deposited in the bank account sent by a liar. "I told her that the card needs to be activated by the deposit machine." When the super bear remittances and take notice accomplices in Xu Yuyu spoils in the rain waiting for student transfer, in an automatic teller machine in Fujian of Quanzhou, has been her 9900 yuan tuition as相关的主题文章: