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Xi Jinping talk about how to manage the people around – Sohu news for leading cadres, in the grasp of their own practice, but also to manage the family and subordinates, etc.". Today, the party network micro platform finishing General Secretary Xi Jinping talk about the good side of the part of the discussion, for your reference learning. Must manage their relatives and staff at all levels, especially leading cadres, senior cadres should consciously abide by the code of ethics, and to strengthen not only strict with oneself, relatives and staff education and constraints, must not be allowed to abuse of power, must not be allowed to engage in privileged. For all violations of Party discipline, must be punished, must not be soft. – November 17, 2012, the eighteen session of the Central Political Bureau of the first collective learning speech set out, everyone should study and implement, especially leading cadres to study and implement the staff. Some things are often staff demands, to put it as a treatment, a claim, it seems not so do not go on to explain, make you confused. Manage the staff around, this is one, and is the most important one. – December 4, 2012, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee meeting on improving the work style, close ties with the masses of the people around us and speak these official who is not a few, was dragged into the water by the wife, children, was dragged into the water around the Secretary and other people around seven such as "aunt eight Kou her". January 12, 2015 — Xi Jinping, with the first phase of the Central Party school party secretary class more than 200 students at the forum pointed out that the county Party secretary must manage their relatives and staff, not allowed them to use special identity to seek illegal interests. – January 13, 2015, delivered an important speech at the eighteenth session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the fifth plenary meeting stressed not allowed to engage in the round, the gangs help faction classmates, colleagues, fellow colleagues and other small circle party is also worthy of attention, could well formed sects doctrine, sectarianism, small circle. To the Party school for a period of time, naturally between the students will form a better relationship, but if we are deliberately said the Party school, is a class, or a mutual support address each other as brothers, the relationship between the formation of politics, it is not normal. — September 23, 2013 -25, Hebei provincial committee team special democratic life meeting stressed that the party must not engage in feudal set it, must not engage in a small hill, a small circle, small groups that set, must not engage in hangers, Menhuan, door of that set, this thing one day the accident! Some cases are investigated and dealt with a bunch of people, pull out the radish with mud, which is an important reason for the formation of the actual personal attachment. In the party, all Party members should treat each other as equals. They should enjoy equal rights and fulfill all obligations they should perform. In January 14, 2014, in the eighteenth plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the speech at the Third Plenary Session of the party’s relationship, interpersonal relationships, work atmosphere front相关的主题文章: