Woman with a large box forced to cross the border will be blocked by a security officer hit the deaf minmi

The woman with a big box to pass blocked the slap screeners playing deaf original title: woman with a big box to pass blocked slap screeners yesterday hit deafness Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport came a frightening news jump: a female passenger carrying a large luggage box into the hard hit female security airport security. The guide. Female security guide was diagnosed as nervous deafness. The female passenger at the gate of the beatings confessed, eventually was sentenced to 7 days detention and a fine of 200 yuan. The day before yesterday at 1:30 Xu, you can see on the monitor, a white lady pushed the luggage car, with a woman holding a child to the entrance of the security zone. The white lady was stopped by security guards. Security guide recalled, she just said to the lady in white: "your luggage exceeded, such a large box, please check." In accordance with the provisions of the civil aviation boarding, more than 20 inches of luggage can not carry a boarding, not to mention the woman pushed a large box of 28 inches. The lady in white northeast accent, later learned that Zhang identification. She told the security guide that he had to take the 18 flight to Harbin, but the nanny and children to take the 2:40 flight to Shenzhen. She wanted to send the baby and the baby sitter. The children and the babysitter is through the boarding formalities, Ms. Zhang is a boarding pass through self-service machines to get. Because 18 of the flight has not yet begun to check, Ms. Zhang intends to take a big box over security. The security guide told Ms. Zhang, the first, the baggage size is too large, certainly can not carry on board; second, if there is no box can carry boarding items, the same security had not, or check; third, if the time off, she can take the big box to send there near the luggage to accompany the children and the nanny in the terminal. The other passengers asked security guide, Ms. Zhang suddenly pulled the cart back, then rushed to pass through, when once again usher stopped, she brazenly hand, fan security guide face! Usher in the face of a piece of red print, she said, when the brain buzzing, suddenly heard nothing." "The luggage office is not far away, just 100 metres away." Say, everyone is wondering why Ms. Zhang suddenly violent beatings, female security guide is also very wronged, they just perform their own work, and not intended for Ms. zhang. Site security captain came on duty, the police immediately. Airport police officer told the money newspaper reporter Ling, was a passenger on Ms. Zhang said: "how can you, the assault is wrong," Ms. Zhang immediately called back: "don’t you!" However, to see the police came, Ms. Zhang immediately expressed remorse, and is willing to apologize to the security officer. The security guard was hit by an intern at Tourism College of Zhejiang China, who was 20 years old. Peacetime work is mainly on duty to help maintain order. Small summer after being hit, when there have been deaf symptoms, she stood in the post silent tears. Colleagues rushed to the Ya相关的主题文章: