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Why do you want to have sex? Sohu, science and technology Indoorsman fag hag group huge two dimension related things, let more and more are beginning with "sex" together. Among them, as an important component of the two part of the video game industry, but also with the sex tightly tied together. Whether video games in high school, Lolita adorable to the extreme hot or strong woman figure, carrying a gun across the female man, or cosplay, go around, must be a prerequisite for sexy. Even if it is to have to fag hag, handsome male dregs. As the current domestic drama, no feelings of the line inside mix, no one look like "clones" of the game, also seems to be alive. Said so much, then why video and so sticky, and what the actual benefits? Data shows that all video games and sex are inseparable in the popularity of big data concept, in fact, a lot of things can be used to prove the data. After all, although the data is cold, but never lie. The relationship between the game and the seemingly, but also by all kinds of data with no reality whatever, "naked" exposure. For example, dubbed "during the demolition bra Chinajoy game exhibition held at the end of July, the search volume surge, Baidu index also soared. Visible, sexual temptation to drive the attention of the players, but also an integral part of the gaming industry. Similarly, the Tokyo game show is also being held during the concern. After all, Tokyo game show in the gaming industry reputation, is the industry benchmark. The emergence of the Coser game show in Tokyo, are carefully selected, the most popular gaming audience. In micro-blog’s topic index, the number of readings associated with cos has reached 2 billion 660 million. Most of them are reading and sexy cosplay, showing the close relationship between the game and sex. While a male idol form based Mobile Games, read the number has reached 750 million, people have to feel the power of fag hag. Even a 3D girl shooting game, read about 20000000! These are only a small part of the game and the sex of the data only, driven by the sex of the game is more attractive, but also continue to spread. The full penetration of the game, but also for the Coser, the surrounding bring additional revenue, the two complement each other. The news to enhance the "suction eye" on the video game industry should not be overlooked in the cold pulling power data, video and still more entanglement". This one, well versed in game player group psychological game manufacturer and media, deliberately to "sex" as the title and content, and constantly improve the click rate and the degree of concern, and to promote the video game industry, pull forward. For example, the Tokyo Electronics Show, there are domestic media to she is just a child! Attack on the chest of the Tokyo game show to Bo eye. In this news, introduced a virtual reality game "plastic memory". The combination of VR and touch sensor, the heroine Ella’s dummies in the exhibition game player provides touch test, game player can not only see three-dimensional Ella from special glasses).相关的主题文章: