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When the song met Guan Xiaotong – the original time is the only criterion for testing beauty! Recently, a "song of Wang Ziwen and the" national spirit "girl" Guan Xiaotong old photos online crazy pass, photos of the prince tattoo in a light blue cartoon T, his face is pure and delicate; and Guan Xiaotong is now fully reduced. Users can not help but praise for their two points of praise, but also more netizens exclaimed, can stand the test of the goddess is the real goddess"! Have seen this photo? But you may not know the meaning behind the photo – Wang Ziwen and Guan Xiaotong in what circumstances under the photo? What are the origins of both of them? In fact, Wang Ziwen and Guan Xiaotong because 6 years ago the TV drama "life and death" and become attached to the bridge. In the "life and death" in Wang Ziwen’s bridge, the drama of the female one Daniel, is a life sign the spell contain Liyuan woman. A little sprout! Guan Xiaotong Wang Ziwen and Tang Huaiyu young childhood photo exposure still play and played by Jia Nailiang in a corner of the staged twists and turns of stubborn love. As the play span of ten years, only 13 years old "small bone" Guan Xiaotong played the young danny. Want to play a little with living characters, Guan Xiaotong Shuaqi and is also a kind of mold, sharp little eyes are full of drama. When the 13 year old Guan Xiaotong met with the age of 23, the age difference between the age of 10, the same role of the rare fate, the nature of the two people will establish a deep friendship with the. Although no scenes, but two in the field of interactive action is also quite a lot, even God synchronization. Apart from the United States to two people have these amazing similarities! One is the "national spirit", one is "the national girl", however, similar to two people in some areas even fans of the! After the door, receive the art you made? Now you don’t love Wang Ziwen is actually after the door, the grandfather is Wang Zhaochu, as a student of Cao Yu, he is the first batch of new reasons Chinese learning drama ~ Wang Ziwen so loves acting in innate talent, but also because she inherited his grandfather. Coincidentally, the "national girl" Guan Xiaotong is also a small accept art, grandfather Guan Xueceng is Beijing Qinshu master, is the "single piano drum" second generation, has unique insights and innovation of Qinshu, enjoys a high reputation in the Chinese folk art circles. While her father was once a little off a film and television actor, acting on cells, grew up around 4 and a half years old, Tongtong followed father together, opened his own career path. Two people do not want to be a singer actor is not good in acting idol now accomplished, in addition to creating memorable classic roles, but also did not forget the music the singer addiction. In addition to the TV drama "Ode to joy". "I want you", "always have happiness is waiting for you" two songs, in each period "crossover singer" past show, Wang Ziwen also showed us the side of his love of music. In the cross-border stage, she is always free to release themselves, as if in another piece of the sky quietly broke out of their own small universe. Guan Xiaotong, who also loves music, released her first solo album, "mini eighteen", last year, "Ei.相关的主题文章: