Water also field chocolate cream cheese cake, 3 year old baby molar cake – mother and daughter of So soulseek

Water also field: Chocolate Cream scone, 3 + baby teeth cake – Sohu on Sunday with little cook Xuexue mother learned a dessert, share to all 1 + baby mom. The cream of the cream of the chocolate cake can not be a year old baby teeth, chocolate is more suitable for 3 years old + big baby nutrition and taste, especially because chocolate contains caffeine is not suitable for less than 3 years old baby oh! Material and dosage low powder, high powder 125g, chocolate powder 25g. (general flavor of chocolate powder can remove scones) cream 80 grams of butter 60 grams of salt 1 grams of sugar 50 grams of egg of an aluminum free baking powder 6 grams of egg yolk and a little practice 2 mixed flour, salt, sugar, chocolate powder, baking powder 3 butter grains into flour, rub into crumb 4 add the cream (day activities with Nestle, commonly used French tower cream) 5 to add a 6 egg shape into groups to sprinkle powder on the chopping board, roll film, fold and then roll into 2CM thick sheet with 7 cutting die cut into round, into the shop tarps pan 8 brush the surface of the egg, egg yolk is the best better. Chocolate division can not brush, the effect is not obvious; Harami Jiyasu must brush oh! Light is very attractive! We made a total of two copies, of which the original scone is to give a + baby, brush the surface of the egg 9 preheat oven 180 degrees, do not rush to the middle of 10, bagging about 20 minutes after the removal of natural cooling package thanks SIEMENS living museum to provide site support! Thanks to the life range of children’s photographer shoot me so beautiful ~ water also field: national senior nursing division, children’s psychological counseling therapist, business analyst, author of family education, maternal and child Sohu gold writer, 80 two Baoma, published "micro management" love management books, parent-child book "double parenting you are right, the child’s right: a sun company". Individual public number: water also field.相关的主题文章: