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U.S. media: Note7 recall of non isolated event   many products are not safe – International – People’s daily Samsung Note7 (information photo), South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Company this week for Le Le Note7 smartphone sentenced death penalty". Note7 was previously involved in battery defect scandals. As the replacement version of Note7 is still frequent spontaneous combustion events, resulting in the suspension of production and Samsung announced the sale of this phone. As South Korean electronics giant, Samsung produces a range of electronic products, including mobile phones and appliances, etc.. In many products, Note7 is not only a problem of exposed security products. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in September this year to remind consumers, Samsung from March 2011 to April 2016, the production of top open washing machines exist security issues". U.S. media reports, some from Texas, Georgia, Indiana, consumers said that violent explosion occurred with Samsung washing machine clothes. They have filed a class action lawsuit in a federal court in New Jersey. In August of this year, Samsung, Sydney, Samsung washing machine wounding incident. From 2010 to 2013, a total of 6 models of Samsung more than 144 thousand washing machines sold in australia. Since then, these washing machines were found to have the risk of spontaneous combustion. As of September 2015, New South Wales, a total of 38 cases caused by Samsung washing machine fire. Other states have at least 37 fires involving Samsung washing machines. November 2009, Samsung announced that, for security reasons, the company recalled 210 thousand refrigerators sold in the Korean market. The company said at the time, these refrigerators from 2005 to 2006 production, refrigerator insulation materials may be a problem. 2003, Samsung announced the recall of 184 thousand microwave ovens in the U.S. market. [is not an isolated event] the United States, New York Times, 12 comments, Le Le Note7 smartphone event is Samsung’s largest product safety incidents, but not isolated incidents. Combined with Samsung’s handling of consumer matters bureaucratic program, it is difficult to question whether Samsung put profit at a more important position than consumer safety. William, a policy analyst at the U.S. consumer alliance, said: "in this recall, Samsung failed to communicate with consumers, regulators and the media clearly. In particular, in the face of such a dangerous situation, your phone may catch fire, the loss of your property, the family was hurt." Wallace Tucao the above situation is particularly evident in the Chinese market. It was not until October 11th that Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd. decided to recall all Note7 mobile phone sales in mainland China news, a total of more than 190 thousand units. The recall of the Note7 phone and Samsung other product recall is not directly related. Mobile phones and television and other appliances are not from the same department of Samsung products. However, Samsung recalls the process of other products, consumers understand Note7 mobile phone recall or reference. Samsung 3 years ago in Australia to start the washing machine on top of the recall process. These washing machines were found due to internal circuit defects相关的主题文章: