Traditional industry rebound leading shareholding concentration increased hyuna

The traditional industry rebound leading ownership concentration to enhance the national investment competition: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to tutor / reporter Fei Tianyuan, editor of Pu Hongyi since October, A stock market as a whole showed signs of recovery, the plate showing broad pattern, while traditional industries in steel and coal on behalf of the rebound led faucet. According to SWS industry classification, rose has recorded 6.60% and 4.90% of the steel and mining industry at the beginning of the month, ranked first in all industries. Recently coincided with the three quarterly intensive released three quarterly release from the above two industries can be found in the related stock ownership concentration had increased significantly, funds, trust, RQFII and other domestic and foreign financial institutions have been ahead of the layout, hoping to grab a cup of soup at the end of the market. Ownership concentration significantly improved Zhengbao reporter combing data found that as of 26, two cities have been disclosed in 2016 three quarterly reports the company has 1351, excluding 61 IPO market this year, the remaining 1290 companies, the end of the three quarter of the two quarter appears to reduce the number of shareholders a total of 806, accounting for 62.48%, display most of the stock market in the third quarter of this year there has been a concentration of ownership to the phenomenon. In the steel and mining industry, the three quarter to enhance the concentration of the phenomenon is more obvious. Data show that 15 has disclosed three quarterly reports of the iron and steel industry companies, the number of shareholders to decline a total of 12, accounting for 80%; 24 has disclosed three quarterly reports of the mining industry company, the number of shareholders to decline a total of 18, accounting for 75%. The Hondar Meijin energy, mining, mineral resource, steel and other large parties a number of shareholders of the decline in more than 10%. Market participants said that the change in the number of shareholders of listed companies and its two market trends there is a certain correlation. The shareholders of the company to reduce the number of households, the average household holds shares more, reflecting the company’s chips tend to focus on, is likely to make the relevant institutional funds shares of the company gathered in Xichou secret. Therefore, the number of shareholders of the company can focus on the decline, especially for several consecutive quarters of decline, indicating the gradual concentration of chips, is expected out of the market. Institutional funds ahead of the layout of the steel and extractive industry market performance since October. In fact, including funds, trusts, RQFII, etc., including multi agency funds have been ahead of the layout in the third quarter. Further combing the three quarterly data can be found, the steel and mining industry shareholding concentration appears to enhance the company, the number of holdings of institutional funds in the number of institutional growth. Hondar mining at the end of the three quarter ten shareholders in many countries including Qianhai, open fund, fortune trust, CITIC Capital, surplus when institutions have new, and exit seats with personal accounts mainly. Cloud coal energy, Bank of communications pioneer long letter to quantify the investment fund holds 9 million 299 thousand and 600 shares, ten new shareholders side by side in fourth; pilot investment in Australia Limited’s RQFII property under the pilot emerging market stock index fund theory相关的主题文章: