Tomorrow the yeliangrushui temperature drop or to accelerate the autumn October (video) musiland

Tomorrow the yeliangrushui temperature drop or to accelerate the autumn October Modern Express News (reporter Xu Cen) "Bai Luqiu split night night, cold night, tomorrow will usher in the solar term. The temperature drops to accelerate, the cold air will be more frequent. These two days we have to feel cool. Yesterday, Jiangsu, Fengxian County actually low to 12.6 degrees, the second half of the new temperature in Jiangsu refresh. Nanjing is only 17.2 degrees Celsius, the atmosphere more and more concentrated in early autumn. Today also wear thick point, the temperature will further decline. Just from the meteorological sense of the fall is still some distance, over the two days, the temperature will rise again. I’m going to be late this fall, maybe wait until October. The recent cold air in northern Jiangsu might appear, yesterday Jiangsu minimum temperature is 1 prefix, but awesome sunshine during the day, temperatures rose to 26 degrees celsius. No hot sun, no rain or disturbed, as in the past to a comfortable and pleasant weather. Today, blue sky and white clouds may be discounted. The weather forecast today, under the influence of the upper trough, clouds will be increased, the temperature dropped slightly. Larger temperature difference between day and night, we should pay attention to timely increase or decrease of clothing. Tomorrow in the autumnal equinox. Autumnal equinox day sun the equator, 24 hours a day. But in our country, according to ancient times to spring, autumn, winter, summer season division season start, Autumnal Equinox Day is in autumn 90 days in the middle, equally fall. Start is south into the autumn equinox. The temperature is cool tomorrow. South of Jiangsu low temperature 18 to 19 degrees Celsius, other regions at around 16 degrees celsius. The day rose to 27 to 25. In previous years, Nanjing is also in late September autumn, this last week due to typhoon, cold air, also obviously feel the cool. But because the process is delayed. The next three days, most of Jiangsu is still cloudy weather, no precipitation. However, before Sunday with the subtropical high, Jiangsu will usher in a precipitation. Subsequently, the temperature will rise. Meteorological station said that to achieve the "5 consecutive days average temperature dropped to 22 degrees below the standard of early autumn! However, everyone has different views on the fall. Recently, the air is filled with the faint fragrance, the sky is an invigorating autumn climate appearance, let a person feel the autumn. So, we should not be too tangled when what autumn! Nanjing three days the weather today will be cloudy to overcast, northerly winds of 3 to 4, 17 to 24 DEG C to 17 ~ 27 degrees cloudy tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is cloudy, 17 ~ 27 C: extended video has nothing to do with the original cold weather are likely to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases相关的主题文章: