Tiangong two have the mission fully equipped for the launch conditions aspack

Tiangong two: with the implementation of task conditions fully equipped for the launch site (original title: Temple No. two fully equipped for the countdown to the launch site with task conditions) on 15 September, Jiuquan Xinhua news agency, Gansu (reporter Li Guoli, Chen Xi) is scheduled to Tiangong two space laboratory 15 22 04 launch. At present, the region’s launch task completed training, the system test is complete, fully equipped for Tiangong two countdown. After the early preparation and review confirmed that the launch center of the system proper technical conditions and equipment function, implement the reliability, safety measures, complete with execution Tiangong two space flight laboratory conditions." Guo Zhong, Deputy Minister of Planning Department of Jiuquan satellite launch center. 14 PM, the Long March two F T2 rocket began filling propellant. At present, the work carried out smoothly." The filling system of the mission commander Tang Yan introduced, for the first time into the application of new filling control software, commanders and operator only in filling control hall, can fully grasp the filling system, improve emergency response capabilities. According to the latest data of weather forecast, the Jiuquan satellite launch center in the evening of 15 weather conditions for the wind, clouds, suitable temperature. Yin Jie, director of the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center meteorological office, said, such weather conditions can meet the requirements of the launch." The weather room provides weather forecasts, weather monitoring and early warning. Yin Jie revealed that the weather room has been nearly 10 years of complex weather data to sort out the extreme weather conditions to drill, and then forced to check, in order to improve the ability to predict and improve the program plan. In the next time, Yin Jie and her team will be full of weather on duty, with accurate weather forecast to ensure successful launch of Tiangong two. At present, the Long March two F T2 launch vehicle has completed the preparatory work before the launch." The Long March two F deputy chief designer Liu Feng said the rocket, for the assessment of electrical system stability and reliability, the increase in the Long March two F T2 launch vehicle electrical system test times and system power have time. The "Tiangong two normal state space application system and equipped with good coordination." China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Tiangong two chief designer Zhu Congpeng said.相关的主题文章: