Three universities in the capital high-tech innovation center will with the new Tongzhou comprehensi cibi

Three universities in the capital high-tech innovation center will be full cooperation with Tongzhou – Beijing, Beijing, October 14 Beijing Xinhua (Reporter Zeng NAI) in October 14th, three universities in Beijing high-tech innovation center and Tongzhou District signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement, including the Beijing Forestry University forest molecular design breeding high-tech innovation center "," sophisticated visual arts China Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing University of Architecture Innovation Center "and" city of the future design of high-tech innovation center". High-tech innovation center is training base of Beijing city construction layout in the important platform of scientific and technological innovation talent. According to the Beijing Municipal Board of education, 3 high-tech innovation center will cooperate with Tongzhou, has the advantages of scientific research and talent advantage in the field of art design, city planning, architectural design, landscaping, will become a strong support for the construction of the city center. "Comprehensive innovation center in Tongzhou District will build a platform for cooperation and sophisticated, the establishment of long-term mechanism." Beijing City Board of education official said, the future will further integrate the universities in Beijing area, especially to guide the scientific research strength, added to the construction of city center, the poly municipal government departments, universities, Tongzhou District and other resources, set up a "sophisticated design alliance" Beijing city center construction, to jointly promote the construction of the city deputy center. According to the reporter, three high-tech center signed today, has participated in the work of the construction of Beijing City sub center, and achieved certain results. According to the Deputy Center in city landscaping needs central tree breeding by molecular design of high-tech innovation, launched the "Beijing city center status and native plant species planning", "Millennium Greentown implementation strategy research" 4 aspects of the research work; Visual Art Innovation Center for "sophisticated" special study on architectural art of Beijing city deputy central task decomposition, carried out the "sub center planning and construction of the concept and principle of" positioning "urban style and architectural interface" in "generalized color and city style" 12 sub topics in future design; sophisticated innovation center city deputy center held a comprehensive transportation international consulting seminar, carried out the Tongzhou old city renewal design research Tongzhou District, burning lighthouse and other ancient buildings of the data acquisition and the "Beijing city center city" sponge special planning. Make. Deputy Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Education Committee Secretary Gou Zhongwen said, Tongzhou District colleges and universities should fully understand the significance of comprehensive cooperation, play to the advantages of scientific research and innovation center and University experts sophisticated, to provide intellectual support for the high level of construction of Beijing City sub center, to achieve a win-win situation. (end)相关的主题文章: