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Thousands of mountains and rivers as temple bell Sohu China tragedy: the first ruling queen Legend – reading classic works of "Xin Li has just finished" the beautiful Jiangshan Jiangsu satellite TV joint hot, read Chinese books, the world group in the summer end has launched a historical masterpiece — "temple bell". The novel tells the little-known, Chinese history first to "I" claimed the Northern Wei Ling Dowager legend.   national integration, the turbulent period more than the northern and Southern Dynasties, the Xianbei Tuoba Si established the first feudal dynasty became a dynasty, as the Central Plains, Emperor Xiaowen Tuoba Wang moved to Luoyang, the Xianbei Han, surname marriage, Daxing into Buddhism; the novel is migration, from the six house disputes powerful contradiction to the prince led start. To follow the emperor, in strict left calf to mother "cruel ancestors of the Northern Wei Dynasty palace, concubines are not bred Prince’s daughter Hu Rong, Shang Zheng even as the former palace of bloody infighting, still not put on power for one into the palace, in order to achieve the ideal of how she got the Emperor’s favour how to escape the doom of death; and finally, the top? The female principal diligent, success, and experience how fate has bloomed, eventually dust? The pagoda, Luo pian to conceal the power struggle, flashy realm of bloodthirsty press point alienation, Luoyang City decreed she built Yongning Temple in Luoyang city under the unprecedented, twilight, thousand temple bells tolls for whom…… The first history of the founding emperor, female emperor Wu Zetian, but the first court ruling to himself, "I" is the spirit of the Empress Dowager Hu Rong of Northern Wei Zheng, for her, in the last 100 years "left calf to mother" was finally abolished, the ruling for 13 years, but also the unprecedented prosperity of the peak during the period of. Chen Junjing, author of the book, 70 generations, engaged in the creation of historical novels has more than ten years. Won the Taiwan United Daily News Luo Guanzhong prize for fiction, historical novels, the second National Award for screenwriting award, known as the "best classical female voice", "the best description of the female psychological new female writer". "I have been published, weizifu", "Pingyang Princess", "temple bell", "thousand king" and other Shatuo historical novels. The screenwriter of the film and television works and several department, including eight sets of CCTV television series "Feng QiuHuang", a CCTV "the Shuangcheng variation" etc.. Including Liao Huiying, Wu Ruoquan, Yuan Qiongqiong and other Taiwan Shih, writer whose works written recommended articles, they think Chen Junjing’s historical novels, the female perspective and write, reflect the wisdom, courage and strength of character unique ancient strange woman, in the love of twists and turns, strive for complete happiness. Fresh, deep, macro, amazing, make people wise. This time after several years to come from behind the stage, return to writing novels, for mature Chen Junjing is also the challenge again. "After thousands of temple bell" creation in recent ten years, the story structure has changed once in 08 years the people’s Literature Publishing House the first time, this time with a new creation, 45 words into two parts eventually presented to the readers. Chen Junjing said in an interview: "a great feature of the Northern Wei dynasty"相关的主题文章: