This week’s Ma Ma Huateng, they went to Tsinghua University, said the big branch of what freyja

This week’s Ma Ma Huateng, they went to Tsinghua University, said the big branch of what? This week, Robin Li, Ma Yun and Ma Huateng have to go to the university campus for students to share their life experiences and the prospect of new technology: in October 17th, Robin Li entered the University of Science & Technology China, with his own experience, Baidu’s technology of artificial intelligence and feelings, the prospects for the future prospects as a starting point to the next scene, the title by you open ", carried out a deep dialogue with science students. On the afternoon of October 20th, Ma as a member of the Advisory Committee of the school of economics and management, Tsinghua University, into the Tsinghua EMBA classroom, published a topic entitled entrepreneurship and the future, the keynote speech. October 22nd, Ma Huateng to participate in the school of economics and management, Tsinghua University, Tsinghua 2016 Global Forum, and Tsinghua School of economics Dean Qian Yingyi conducted a dialogue. Among them, three per capita for artificial intelligence and related topics, published their own personal experience and views. Robin Li: the gap between China and the United States, mainly in the field of artificial intelligence, said Robin Li, the Internet is about to open the next scene, to promote the development of the core driving force of artificial intelligence. When asked "artificial intelligence Chinese competition, whether the company can do with the Silicon Valley giants even do better than their racing together bridle to bridle", Robin Li said: do better than them, I do not think it. In artificial intelligence, the overall level of the United States or in the world is the most advanced, but we should say that we still have a lot of opportunities, on the one hand, the Internet is China after nearly 20 years of development, the market is already very large. This is essentially a talent competition, if we can get the world’s best talent, then we can be able to compete in the global artificial intelligence technology in a more advanced position. Baidu in the field of AI short board talent, most of the time, Chinese companies are currently only able to attract Chinese, especially when you want him to work in china. If the United States Internet Co, he gathered the best talent in the world, we are now the world’s most outstanding Chinese talent. The real one day let China technology on the world’s leading words, I think is in need of all countries, no matter what language, no matter what race, he is willing to Chinese, he love China culture, he felt that he is Chinese entrepreneurship and doing research best place. I think it is only on this day that our Chinese companies can say that our technology is the world’s leading. Artificial intelligence can not rely on a company’s push, so Baidu has opened its depth to the community to learn open source platform PaddlePaddle. This is also following the Google, Facebook, IBM and another artificial intelligence technology open source company, the purpose is to allow young people to continue to learn after use, improvement and innovation. Robin Li: in my lifetime artificial intelligence will not destroy the human artificial intelligence will not go beyond the human, although its calculation, recognition and other intelligence.相关的主题文章: