The Zhejiang Chinese Association delegation arrived in Anhui Communication to investigate new networ

The Zhejiang Chinese Association delegation arrived in Beijing on Anhui AC – deputy director and deputy party secretary, Anhui Provincial People’s Congress, Hu Liansong met with European Zhejiang Chinese Association delegation. Zhao Qiang photo Beijing, Hefei, September 20, (Zhao Qiang) in order to understand the Anhui overseas Chinese in Europe and Anhui, to promote exchanges and cooperation in culture, trade, the Zhejiang Chinese Association delegation of 18 people arrived in Hefei on 20, Anhui began to exchange visits. Deputy Secretary of the Anhui Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee, deputy director Hu Liansong met with the delegation in Hefei in the evening, his delegation visited the delegation, looking for opportunities to welcome. He introduced, Anhui obvious geographical advantages, convenient transportation. Hefei, the provincial capital, is a sub center of the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, an important scientific research and education base, a modern manufacturing base and a comprehensive transportation hub. "European tour visiting Zhejiang Chinese Association for the first time, fully embodies the Zhejiang overseas Chinese in the economic and social development of Anhui attention and support." Hu Liansong said, hope that through the visit of the delegation of Anhui and the European countries, to further strengthen the local government and enterprises, as well as overseas exchanges and cooperation between the overseas Chinese communities, promote multi Anhui economic and cultural exchanges in europe. Zhan Yongping, head of the delegation of the European Union in Zhejiang, said that he had been to Anhui 26 years ago, the visit is too big to feel the change in Anhui. "We will through the discussion and docking activities, to carry out extensive exchanges and cooperation with Anhui, Anhui to build European cooperation platform, and actively promote Anhui in Europe and overseas advantages and prospects for cooperation, work together to promote the Anhui" going out and bringing in "work." It is reported that the Zhejiang Chinese Association delegation will also visit the Hefei high tech Zone Overseas dream garden, Hefei high tech enterprise, Anhui Hall of fame, and with the Anhui provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department held a discussion exchange activities. In June this year, the Zhejiang Chinese Association was established in Paris of France, the European overseas Chinese from Zhejiang on behalf of the association to unite the country, love China, enhance integration, common development "for the purpose, to become a new member of the Chinese community in France and europe. (end)相关的主题文章: