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The world’s highest highway tunnel through – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Xining, September 24 (Qi Zhongxi, Li Yongli) after nearly three years of hard work, the world’s highest highway tunnel — Qinghai highway takes a long tunnel through 24 days of snow. It is responsible for the construction task of the eighteen Bureau of China Railway Group spent long highway project manager Li Shidong introduced, in the county of Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture mountain Golog tunnel, double tunnel length of 9065 meters, with an average altitude of over 4400 meters, the highest elevation of 4800 meters of construction, is currently the world’s highest altitude highway tunnel. The construction site is extremely cold and anoxic, the ecological environment is extremely fragile, the oxygen content in the air is only 60% of the plain area. A mountain tunnel across a large area of seasonal frozen soil and permafrost, which belongs to the accumulation of rocks and mud melting glaciers, how to maintain the stability of permafrost, don’t let the mountain with the change of temperature and melting or collapse, and does not destroy the fragile ecological environment of the plateau, is a worldwide difficult problem in permafrost tunnel construction the. Since 2013 began, the eighteen Bureau of China Railway Group and the construction, design, scientific research and supervision departments in close collaboration, creative use of extremely cold climate characteristics of frozen soil under high stability, the concrete freeze-thaw resistance "and" three lining "special process, solve the problem of success, has accumulated successful experience for the construction and research of plateau permafrost tunnel in China under extreme climatic conditions. As the Qinghai Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of the first highway, take long highway length of 419.4 kilometers, a total investment of 21 billion 800 million yuan, with a two-way four lane standard construction, the design speed of 80 kilometers, across the board in 2017 after the completion of the opening, driving distance to Jigzhi Huashixia than the existing highway by more than and 400 kilometers.相关的主题文章: