The truck speed off 3 boxes of goods driver unaware toll rush after Beijing – in 3 incubus

The truck speed off 3 boxes of goods driver unaware toll rush after 3 new network – in the newspaper news (reporter Li Bing correspondent Gu Erhu) November 10th, a driver pulled a cart ready to leave the highway, there are three boxes of goods falling he was ignorant. Toll station staff found, only took less than 10 minutes, it will be more than 6000 yuan worth of goods returned. In November 10th 19, Jing Kun Expressway north toll station a class vice monitor Li Shengli in the inspection, suddenly see the toll station square deceleration zone has 3 scattered cargo. "These boxes may have fallen off the truck in front of them!" Li Shengli immediately contact colleagues, hope to be able to stop not far from a car is ready to leave the highway truck. But because the lorry had left the toll station, the driver can not receive to remind the staff, along the highway for long. Li Shengli quickly got two colleagues, will be on the packing box and the drive to catch the truck. Soon, Li Shengli and others at a distance of about 1.4 km from the station to stop the truck and told the truck driver. Truck driver quickly get off to see. After comparison, the driver and Li Shengli confirmed at the same time, the first drop in the toll plaza on the 3 boxes of goods on the truck. Truck driver said the fall of the goods he shipped from Xinjiang shoes, three boxes totaling more than 6000 yuan. Before entering the ramp toll station, probably due to excessive speed, resulting in the box is then thrown off, but he didn’t find. With the help of Li Shengli, a truck driver was particularly moved, pulling everyone’s hand to say thank you.相关的主题文章: