The tomb of the discarded cell phone is not a garbage heap for the Tokyo Olympics

The tomb of the discarded mobile phone is not the garbage heap in Tokyo Olympic Games to use them to make a medal PingWest Du Lili you will suddenly think of, you have been accompanied by countless days and nights of the old phone? You can not continue to use the upper mobile phone reasons, it may be because it is completely broken, probably because the thief was stolen, it may be because you need to update. These are abandoned by our mobile phones, computers and household appliances are known as e-waste, sinks into an electronic garbage River, recording the changes in our digital life. Although we got it behind, but these e-waste and would not disappear, whether it is renewable resources recycling, incineration or harmful substances in the air, or will eventually have more effect on the human body. The United Nations believes that both in developing and developed countries, e-waste is one of the world’s fastest growing waste streams." While these are still expanding e-waste, mobile phones accounted for considerable weight. Because of decreased production costs, technology updates, false price, mobile phone replacement cycle was shortened. These phones will not be like the Jadali game "E.T. Aliens will be buried in the desert. In China, most of them will be disassembled, reset, burned, the body into the dust and dust flying in the air. As we all know, this is not the best way to use renewable resources. How to deal with "e-waste", the problem has been the Nikkei (Nikkei, referring to once a day). Perhaps at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the organizing committee will give us some inspiration – they will use electronic waste to make medals. According to the Nikkei Asia review reported that in June this year, the Japanese NGO Genki Net held in the event, the Japanese Olympic Committee for the first time put forward the idea. They hope to arouse people’s awareness of recycling e-waste. Japan has a very strict system of garbage classification, but even so, they need to implement a more comprehensive system for E-waste recycling. Japan is not a resource rich country, but it can get rich resources in the recycling of electronic waste. Waste electronic products produced in Japan, the content of gold and silver can be accounted for as high as 16% and 22% in the global supply of heavy. The recycling of these resources will be enough to make Olympic medals. 2012 London Olympic Games, in order to make a total of 9.6 kg of gold medals, the use of 1210 kg of silver and copper, 700 kg. While Japan in 2014 on electronic waste recycling, has recovered 143 kilograms of gold, 1566 kilograms of silver and 1112 kilograms of copper, these resources are used for the manufacture of medals, more than sufficient. "In order for all the Japanese to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games, we hope that the company will propose a specific recycling program, and with the organizing committee to promote the implementation of the program." NGO Genki Net on behalf of Fukuda Yuuko (Yoku Sakita) said. These are japan.相关的主题文章: