The tenth session of the Panyu District Xinghai Arts Festival Closing govos

The tenth session of the Panyu District Xinghai Arts Festival Closing Yushan art rhyme overflowing flower "" champion opened the Xinghai Arts Festival Closing Ceremony performances prelude Wang Feng taken last night, the tenth session of the Panyu District Xinghai Art Festival Closing Ceremony of "Yu Shan Yi Yun" — Panyu District original outstanding literary works in the performance session held in the District Administrative Conference Center Hall, duration the 17 day of the Xinghai Arts Festival ended in cheers and applause. The District People’s Congress Standing Committee, Li Guanghang, Minister of the Propaganda Department of Qin deep sea, district standing committee, deputy mayor Huang Chi, District Committee, district office director Wu Huiyuan, Party committee, United Front Work Department Minister Lin Weichang, district vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee Wang Shuping, Guo Xuanyu, vice mayor Li Yulin, vice chairman of CPPCC Zhou Zhi, Feng Runsheng District, Guangzhou city the public culture media bureau director Peng Xiaoqun, Hongkong, the south of the Five Ridges School of famous disciple Gao Ming and Huang Yongxian and his wife, the district court, district Procuratorate, District Deputy Secretary, district and relevant units, towns Street leaders and people from all walks of life in our region such as watching the performance. Tan Haishen, the district government and the Organizing Committee of the conference on behalf of welcome to attend the activities of the leadership of guests, hard work of the majority of artists and people from all walks of life for the festival thanks! She said that this festival is about to close, but the culture and art will never end. I will continue to firmly establish the concept of innovation, coordination, development of green, open and shared, to create the unique charm of the culture of South of the Five Ridges demonstration zone as the goal, to accelerate the construction of public cultural service system covering the whole region, make people more convenient to enjoy public cultural services for the construction of the beautiful Panyu, happiness and success. Last night at the original outstanding literary works show special activities, selected 12 outstanding programs in our region of the original local music, dance, acrobatics and other types of activities, divided into "Yushan" feelings "sea sail" era new rhyme "three chapters, full of Panyu showed the characteristics of local culture. The spirit of Panyu people high spirited, is my area in recent years the creation of public art achievements of a showcase and review. Wonderful performances, won the audience’s cheers, for the tenth session of Xinghai Arts Festival drew to a successful conclusion. Organized by the district government’s tenth Xinghai Arts Festival, 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march to commemorate the 95 anniversary of the founding of the Red Army as the theme, in line with the principles of cultural Huimin, the chorus, south of the Five Ridges painting and calligraphy as the focus, to carry out extensive publicity and education of patriotism. The art festival since opening in October 24th, has lasted 17 days, held a chorus, free arts training, heritage heritage, south of the Five Ridges painting and calligraphy exhibition, art go grassroots, cultural performances and other 11 categories a total of 18 events, is rich in content, forms and tastes. The organizing committee also invited the Pearl River Symphony Orchestra, Guangzhou Opera Troupe, Guangdong music troupe, Wuhua county tea picking group of professional art troupes to participate in the show, there have been about 400000 people to participate in or watch the activities related to the masses of people to provide free service of culture and art more than 10 thousand people, truly implement cultural Huimin work. Especially the "Long March suite" Choral Concert, "Wuhua" strong "sound", "Guangdong Peng Qiang concert lehui.相关的主题文章: