The South China Sea and the 5 China lighthouse has the public service function of property investmen nrf905

The South China Sea and the 5 Chinese lighthouse for services with public property that was filmed in April 5th as a beacon for the opening guests. In April 5th, the Department of transportation held Zhubi lighthouse in the South China Sea Zhubi coral reef Zhubi lighthouse opening ceremony, put into use will effectively enhance the surrounding waters navigation, navigation management and emergency rescue capabilities. Original title: South China sea lighthouse service function has the international public property recently, will be found in the vast blue South Chinese seas fishing boats, ships, 5 large islands in the South China Sea Chinese lighthouse construction has been put into use. At night they emit bright light guided course, and continuously to the waters surrounding the safety of navigation, fishery, maritime search and rescue, marine disaster prevention and mitigation activities to provide relevant and timely warning information and security. The lighthouse is a tower built in the vicinity of the channel of the key parts of light beacon, is a fixed mark, its basic function is to guide the ship or indicate the danger zone. As an important navigation public service facilities for the safety of navigation at sea, the lighthouse is known as the "beacon" for the ship to travel at night". At present, our country has set up more than 2000 lighthouse, lamp post in the coastal waters, to provide good navigation and navigation services. South Chinese sea is an important sea route connecting the Pacific and India ocean, is also very important in fisheries, vessel density, complex navigation environment, meteorological variable. For a long time, lack of the South China Sea shipping safety facilities, maritime emergency rescue forces and ship oil spill response force, has greatly restricted the influence of the South China Sea Navigation Safety and the social and economic development. In order to improve this situation, the Ministry of transport since May 2015 in the South China Sea to start the construction of large-scale multi-functional lighthouse, and constantly increase the construction of the South China Sea navigation aid, emergency search and rescue facilities. At present, Huayang, Chigua, Zhubi, permanent summer 4 lighthouses have been built in light, the lighthouse construction has been basically completed, greatly increased the area of ship navigation safety guarantee ability. The South China sea lighthouse in China is in an important public service facilities China South Sea construction, not only greatly enhance the lighthouse navigation navigation capability of navigation safety of ships in the South China Sea, for China to undertake and perform maritime search and rescue, the safety of navigation, fishery production, disaster prevention and mitigation, marine environmental protection and international responsibility the obligation to create good conditions, the service function of their international public property. The South China Sea is one of the most important and busiest maritime trade routes in the world. According to incomplete statistics, every year about more than 40 thousand ships through the South China Sea, more than half of the world’s super oil tankers have to go through the waters. The South China Sea area is 5 times in Suez, after the tanker tanker is 15 times after the canal of the Panama Canal oil tankers, liquefied natural gas through the South China Sea channel transport of liquefied natural gas accounting for the world’s total trade 2/3. Japan, South Korea and other neighboring countries and regions, more than 90% of oil imports to rely on the South China Sea route. However, due to the South China Sea Island, reef and shoal shoal, also, and the position and depth of water, the lack of an accurate record of the hydrological data, and there are many obstacles near route navigation)相关的主题文章: