The secret the more children born, the slower the aging women widcomm

The secret: the more children born, the slower the aging women? Source: tadpoles stave not long ago, the media claimed that a study abroad shows that more children, the DNA telomere length is longer, the slower the aging women. In other words, many children are young. For this message, users fell to the ground that is not credible: so what exactly? Small to large to bacteria, blue whale, any creature at the moment The new supersedes the old.. For the human body, every minute there are aging cells are cleared, at the same time, the cell is also constantly on the chromosome as a template, through mitosis to produce new cells to replace the older work. How to ensure that these new can be competent? Scientists have found that in the eukaryotic chromosome ends, there is a special structure, which consists of a very short and accurate number of tandem repeat DNA composition. This is the telomere (telomere). A telomere can protect chromosome integrity, maintain chromosome stability, prevent chromosome fusion, sound degradation, loss, repeated adverse changes, on the other hand, like a layer of armor, to resist the ability of gene inside and outside cells all the damage, and protect the stability of the genetic material of cells. Therefore, we can say that the telomere is a safety belt in the process of metabolism of the body 1. Seat belts are worn with use, and telomeres are also. The study found that telomeres lose 50~200 bases with each cell division. When the telomere DNA of several thousand bases is completely lost, the cell stops dividing. [2] when there are fewer and fewer cells in the human body, it means that the aging cells are increasing and the new cells are gradually decreasing This is not the root cause of human aging? There has been a "telomere aging" hypothesis in the academic circle, and it is believed that telomere shortening is the key to aging. Around this hypothesis, scholars have done a lot of research. In general, the effect of telomere aging has also been clear, smoking, social support and other factors on telomeres also gradually clear, but can accurately determine the length of the natural life of a person by telomere, is still controversial, indistinct relationship between telomere and cancer, also need to be confirmed. Therefore, the report, the longer the longer telomeres, the argument is justified. Then, the research mentioned in the report, is not really that many children can keep young? After multi verification, we finally found the beginning of the article micro-blog information refers to the study. Cindy K. Barha and Courtney W. Hanna and other scholars, from two neighboring tribes (Kaqchikel Mayan) in the selection of 75 women, respectively in 2000 and 2013, the number of births and their statistics, through saliva, measuring the length of telomere. The results showed that during these thirteen years, women who had more offspring survived longer telomeres and each had more than one child相关的主题文章: