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The sacked officials to surrender the moment: Discipline struggles for many years finally opened the Beijing – from the teacher to the leadership to prisoner, Foshan Sanshui District Party committee, former deputy mayor He Guohui said that the Commission at that moment, struggles for many years has finally opened the Guangzhou Daily reporter Liu Ming yesterday morning, Foshan City Sanshui District Party committee, former deputy mayor He Guohui, on suspicion of bribery trial in the Foshan intermediate people’s court, he was charged in the education project, help subordinates to undertake the promotion process, and collect relevant parties 727 thousand yuan, HK $50 thousand. Only 51 year old He Guohui, appeared in court for the first time he has white hair, stating his journey in the trial. Charge: accepting engineering boss more than 70 yuan in bribes according to the allegations, from 2004 to 2013, He Guohui served as the director of the Education Bureau of Foshan City Sanshui District and Sanshui District Education Cci Capital Ltd legal representative, deputy mayor of Sanshui District, Sanshui District standing committee. During his tenure, he took advantage of his office, for the blue, Hemou seek benefits, a total of 727 thousand yuan, HK $50 thousand. Among them, from 2004 to 2011 Spring Festival Mid Autumn Festival, He Guohui in the name of the festive fee charged blue 583 thousand yuan. According to He Guohui account, he gave a major help is blue, but from the beginning of the project, but the project information is not open before, he will tell the blue of this information, so that a blue advance preparation. In addition, he also charged Hemou 144 thousand yuan, HK $50 thousand. He Guohui said, in 2006, he was promoted to vice mayor of Sanshui District, bureau of education position vacated, Hemou wife Liang was Sanshui middle school principal, he asked He Guohui to recommend his wife when the Secretary Bureau of education position, about a year later, Liang was appointed as the director of formal education. When will the education He Guohui said very helpless, because of their past committed these mistakes, he lived and was not happy, every time open the education conference, or hear officials being investigated, he is very anxious. So finally, after numerous repeated ideological struggle, sleepless nights, he decided to go to the Commission for Discipline Inspection, active account of the facts of the crime, and return all the money through family. "To the Commission at that moment, haunt me for years before finally opened the knot." He said three reasons in the criminal court debate stage, He Guohui delivered a 15 minute description of repentance. For this should be carried out in the final statement stage confession, the judge listened patiently completed, and did not interrupt halfway. He Guohui said, to become a cadre from the prisoner, which in his life, is "a very big blow and frustration". He summed up the "mistakes" for three reasons: one is to have an independent learning organization with attitude; two is their greed thoughts and luck; the three is the impact of the environment, he felt that the festival Closing others red is the traditional code of conduct. In the 15 minute show, He Guohui only once choked up when the family is mentioned. "My family is very simple, always happy, I personally.相关的主题文章: