The refugee camp of Calais moved to Paris Metro bridge is facing a new problem – the French authorit musiland

The refugee camp of Calais moved to Paris Metro bridge French authorities face a new problem in the new network network in November – in 1, according to foreign media reports, since the French government launched the evacuation and demolition of Calais "Jungle" refugee camp, a large number of unwilling to accept the refugee resettlement to Paris City, in the north of Paris near the Stalingrad subway station gathered, the number has reached more than 2000 people. How to solve the growing urban area of Paris’s illegal refugee camps, this week to become a problem faced by all parties in france. Reported that, according to the plan, the demolition of Calais camp action at the end of the last day of October can. While the French President Hollande congratulated the French police and humanitarian groups, the Stalingrad subway station in the north of Paris and the surrounding area have been the area where refugees have gathered for the night. Because there are Metro flyover barrier, can shelter, no influence of pedestrian walking space tent to sleep, is always undocumented, illegal immigrants and refugees gathering place. This year, the Paris police have been here for 29 clean-up operations, every time the removal of tents, the refugees will be sent to the suburbs or other places of detention. But the effect of each is only limited to a few days later, the new refugees here pitch camp. However, in recent weeks, the number of refugee camps here soared to more than 2 thousand. Generally, there are many people from Calais to the "Jungle" refugees. The report pointed out that the French people suffer from Calais perennial refugee camp, Calais commercial economy have a negative impact on local traffic, large area Voices of discontent. Election, France’s far right national front Candidate Elected almost here. This makes the Calais refugee camp issue was referred to the proper height. The French government launched around more than and 300 can find short-term place and accept a limited number of refugees places, except Paris and corsica. Not against all expectations, but there are a lot of Calais refugees will Paris as the next station of choice. Because Paris is the capital of France, it is easier to get help from human rights groups. However, the French President Hollande has been sworn in after the demolition of illegal Calais camp: France will no longer tolerate illegal refugee camps, the government should solve the problem of illegal refugee camps in Paris as soon as possible. The mayor of Paris and Paris area 10, 18 and 19 of the District, is a joint letter to the French interior minister and Minister of housing said: "in order to avoid a humanitarian disaster and public health risks, it is necessary to complete the demolition of Stalingrad subway bridge under the refugee area." The letters reveal to the public in October 31st. The same day, the Paris police will start from early morning to a refugee camp surrounded on the subway in Stalingrad under the bridge, "administrative inspection", check the refugee identity documents, and the distinction between refugees and undocumented persons. During the inspection, there are many refugees left the tent, a few hours later, a garbage handle some tents refugee things away. However, after the inspection, the police had withdrawn, refugees back and set up the tent. French Prime Minister Waals said the day before, will solve the refugee problem in Paris subway under the bridge at the beginning of November.相关的主题文章: