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A private think power – Liu Chunjie ink painting exhibition by the Beijing love culture development limited company sponsored Beijing love art museum hosted, a professor at the Shenzhen University, "Chinese prints" deputy editor in chief of Sui Cheng served as curator of the "private to power — Liu Chunjie ink painting exhibition" in September 24, 2016 (Saturday) at 5 pm love art museum the grand opening ceremony, the famous artist Liu Chunjie. I want to bring "private name", "Lu" think of two series of more than 40 paintings unveiled, showing the audience works have a unique style of ink. Attend the opening ceremony of the guests in addition to local artists, as well as from the United States, Britain, Italy, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions of the dozens of artists and cultural industry attended the event. China National Academy edition academy executive dean and professor at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Guang Jun Mr. Lu Xun cultural foundation executive vice president and Secretary General (Mr. Lu Xun Di Changsun) Mr. Zhou Lingfei, Mr. Lu Zhiping, deputy director of the Committee China printmaking Artists Association, vice president of China Central Academy of Fine Arts and other printmaking department director Mr. Wang Huaxiang, vice president of the group admired Mr. Zheng Zheng to make a speech for the opening the ceremony. One of Liu Chunjie’s calligraphy and painting fully inclusive and equitable, ink painting and writing works will be the perfect fusion of natural compatibility". His painting is a visual "writing", and his writing is also thinking of the "painting", this text is a creative way not only that he has formed its own unique artistic style, his works of art more widely by the public understanding and acceptance. In the illustrated ink works, be made one system of text and image of the two separated under his pen, seemingly independent and mutual fusion. The interesting creation of the picture enriches the substantial appreciation of the text, and the colloquial narrative of the text enhances the readability of the static picture. The text has the function of visual image, which can be divided into an integral part of the picture, and the role of the image representation is also vividly expressed. His work is not only a piece of the painting is full of wit and humour, a thought-provoking words of wisdom. The daily life of the country and the people, portraiture, meditation, on social ills ills of the inner spiritual express, so many ordinary life fleeting fragments are given by Emmanuel, he mocked the wisdom and forthright and sincere words let the audience to a common phenomenon with insight like perception and cognition. Dean of China Central Academy of Fine Arts Dean Mr. Fan in the foreword praised Liu Chunjie’s artistic creation in addition to uphold the contemporary consciousness, respect the laws of art, but also kept their own artistic mind. He uses the artist’s strokes to draw people around him, the things around him, the perception of ordinary life, convey the aspirations of people’s minds." Is the so-called "meet in the eyes, the feeling in the heart, passed on hand, as" Liu Chunjie ". I think the private name" series show him as an artist with independent thinking, the courage to criticize the character. His "think of Lu Xun" series is not only the continuation of his artistic style, but also the transcendence of traditional cognition. Mr. Wang Huaxiang once commented that "Liu Chunjie" used the thought of literature, has the sense of responsibility of the intellectuals, has the unique thought". The collision between contemporary art and global culture.相关的主题文章: