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The new Teana mobile big sofa really worth buying – Sohu can get a new car, Teana test drive, immediately think of one word, maybe a lot of people have guessed, that is kimoji (comfortable). Not to say let the professor have a car sounds convenient to work more comfortable, but think of NISSAN Teana to create a kind of comfortable feeling, sit like lying in the same feeling, a very comfortable. That we all know it? The back seat is often made into a "big sofa". It’s not a joke. It’s a big space and a comfortable seat. Accord, Teana, Camry, often by the media and netizens to compare, but also the majority of Car Buying group preferred choice domestic intermediate car. The three section is about 200 thousand of intermediate vehicles, it is hard to conclude that which car is better, each car is not the same character, each one has its own merits. I NEED AV, AND YOU ME. GIVE users will certainly say, Professor, you do not say a word on the car… All right, Professor, I’m driving. It’s a very comfortable car… Magnet:?? xt=urn:btih:1C537CE30D637FEED39BEE33???? Ehhh~ don’t try again… The link has been permanently invalid… Let’s talk about the protagonist… Dongfeng Nissan Teana – 2016 2.5L XL-UpperNAVI Tech, (hereinafter referred to as the new version of the new Teana Teana) took the key from the hands of the black boss? Isn’t it? Is this the car key for the about two hundred thousand intermediate car? LOW burst, okay? (an opening feeling is not too good Tucao)… This key is very simple, simple, very Muslim, yes, that is. Work, punch, dragged his exhausted body, parking lot to Professor company downstairs, touched the minimalist style key pocket, start looking for missing persons ". The new Teana in addition to the minimum allocation models, other models come standard with keyless start and enter the system, eliminating the trouble of picking up the key, but also to avoid the appearance of off grade key too embarrassed. First saw the new sounds of nature, feel the biggest change is replaced by a more assertive personality in front of the. Compared to the old models, the new Teana is the continuation of the new family design style, more young. The front lines become more complex, watching stereoscopic were improved with a sense of visual impact, not as full full business atmosphere. There is no change in the side of the body line, and Duke version of the model has a longer body, visual effects will be more coordinated. (the 5016mm version of the body length, body length of the ordinary version of 4891mm) design outline of the tail does not have too big change, other more engaging and stable, the Duke version models more than the regular version of the "VIP" logo, appear more grade. But for a good little modification of the netizens, this little is absolutely no problem. .相关的主题文章: