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After the new infant formula milk powder will welcome the supervision of Sohu – News – new milk powder infant formula milk powder, the State Food and drug administration also eyeing infant formula food industry. Yesterday at the 2016 China International Dairy Industry Conference, the State Food and drug administration, deputy director of the division of food supervision Wang Ping said that at present the State Food and drug administration is developing infant formula food record management approach. In the industry view, the new food safety law for infant formula for the record management or landing. According to Wang Ping, the food and drug administration is developing a "infant formula for the record management method", which is considered for infant formula milk powder to raw materials, such as filing management, into the scope of regulation; but he did not disclose its plans for his baby food field. In fact this week "infant formula milk powder formulations for registration material items and requirements (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as "the draft"), has been reflected. In the draft, the quality and safety standards of raw materials, the production enterprises should be responsible for the quality and safety of food raw materials, food additives. Wang Ping explained that the current infant formula is the most stringent food for domestic regulation and supervision of the whole industry chain. Prior to the discovery of some of the domestic manufacturers of raw materials to the factory inspection, blindly trust inspection report. In the 2015 inspection, it was found that similar problems, 4 factory product testing failed. Therefore, in this formula registration system, the raw materials into the factory when there is no test, will also be one of the focus of the registration verification. Song Liang, a senior dairy analyst told the first financial reporter, in this way, infant formula milk powder will be extended from the end of the product to the raw material, will achieve the full record filing. It is worth noting that the food and Drug Administration in the formulation of the "infant formula food record management approach", through the implementation of the new deal or intends to milk, infant formula food industry is also included in the new regulatory scope of synchronization. In 2015 the newly revised "food safety law" in article eighty-first of the regulations, infant formula food production enterprises shall be food raw materials, food additives, product formulations and labels and other matters to the province, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central People’s government food and drug supervision and management departments for the record. The infant formula milk powder product formulations should be approved by the State Food and Drug Administration registration. In the case of registration, it shall submit the formula research and development report and other materials that indicate the scientific and safety. At present, infant formula milk powder registration system has been implemented, the industry believes that, in the formulation of the landing "infant formula for the record management approach" or is the law of food safety related requirements, it is a good thing for infant formula food industry. The infant formula food in addition to milk, and formula Rice noodles and food food products and infant foods are also the food and drug administration departments informed of the "regulars", a number of enterprises over the past 3 months have to be informed of the product unqualified. November 10th, the Fujian provincial food and Drug Administration informed a number of enterprises in Zhangzhou, a number of infants and young children with vitamin A rice unqualified; in October, informed.相关的主题文章: