The new Chinese manufacturing counterattack Note7 frequency burst can only help the Chinese made

The "new" Chinese manufacturing counterattack: Note7 frequency burst can only help Chinese made U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of this month, the most "fire" digital digital is 7. From Henan China iPhone 7 it is said that in the world to sell out of stock; Note 7 has frequently caught fire and exploded, finally resorted to China battery manufacturing. Recently, by South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Manufacturing flagship mobile phone cover Note 7 in the "world music explosion door", the United States and Australia and other places on the release of the flight ban, South Korea, Japan and the European countries Chinese, government departments have recommended to stop using Note7. Samsung electronics market fell sharply, and even dragged down the Korean KOSPI composite index, the loss of large-scale recall is estimated to be up to billions of dollars. Almost at the same time, NAVER in South Korea’s largest portal website and forum quiz program, Samsung mobile phone users more, people suddenly raised doubts, consistent "is the same, Chinese ATL company is a what kind of company?" ATL, a Chinese company, has become a hot spot in South Korea portal. Samsung earlier this month announced a recall plan, all from the Samsung Samsung SDI Note 7 battery, the replacement for the China produced by ATL company of battery; the latter has also become the largest and the only Note 7 battery supplier. ATL also release this news by default. What’s going on here? Samsung mobile phone market share in South Korea up to nearly 80%, but to rely on Chinese enterprises to produce the battery to save the image. Korean people seem to understand this confusion can be understood. However, in Seoul on digital products "fancier" Jin Minjun (transliteration), this is not so surprising. "Now in South Korea, ATL is so curious, because the South Korean people for making China impression, still in the production of" copycat ", but now a lot of China manufacturing quality and price, have a huge advantage." Jin Minjun told the first financial daily reporters. China charging treasure was South Korea cottage Jin Minjun home, there are many made in China, which is the most conspicuous, is to take the treasure in his hands. Charging treasure this millet, not only by the Jin Minjun fancier welcome, became the representative for South Korean people China manufacturing new awareness. All along, South Korea because of its unique market, as well as the growth of its own brand, was once known as the "grave of foreign products". Whether it is WAL-MART, Carrefour and other commercial circulation enterprises; or HTC, SONY and other electronic brands; even Tesla, HSBC and other world-class enterprises, will eventually encounter Waterloo in South korea. According to statistics South Korea polymer battery industry association, 2015 South Korea’s charging treasure market scale of 470 billion won (1000 won about 6 yuan), compared with 2014 growth of nearly 30%; industry insiders predict that this year the size of the market, with fast charging technology (Quick1相关的主题文章: