The national sports expression package — Henan branch network — exit safe mode

The national sports "expression package" — Henan branch network, woke up, horrified to discover that the National Day holidays have run out of balance. Maybe these seven days you have a taste of the motherland beautiful rivers and mountains of a country, but do not forget this week’s sports network arena is also bustling, constantly exciting, national football World Cup people marvel, plus the national fitness professional athletes like a raging fire, and mass sports fans for showing us a lot of sadness or Hi "expression package". In October 6th, China team players after the game had to leave. The same day, in the Shaanxi stadium in 2018, the World Cup qualifier in Russia in the 12 Asian Games in the tournament, the Chinese team to the home to be lost to the Syria team of 0 to 1. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Jundong photo Xi’an’s lonely rainy night talking about our life, is sad. A game in the evening of 6 for the World Cup qualifying match in the third round of the 12 season, at the Xi’an stadium in 0:1 to Suzaku team lost to Syria, three wars only 1 points in the 6 group of fifth teams, qualifying the situation is not optimistic. The road from South Korea to Iran home court negative Ping, the team at the 12 finals of the Orangemen once let people see hope, but a second half day attack goalkeeper Gu Chao’s mistake for the Syria team to seize the opportunity, the goal is to kill the game, is enough to make the scene in front of the TV and Chinese fans feeling again fell to the bottom. In October 11th the country will go to the foot away Uzbekistan team, considering there are two teams in Iran and South Korea to highlight the strength of the team, the team Chinese only hope lies in the fight for the team won in third playoff qualification. In October 6th, Chinese player Zhang Shuai praised the audience after winning. On the same day, in the 2016 Chinese Open women’s singles first round, China player Zhang Shuai 2 to 0 victory over Romania player Halep, quarter finals. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Wen photo network arena "handsome" posture climax Orangemen did not win on the football field, but China "Jinhua" Zhang Shuai and Peng Shuai have brought a surprise on the network arena. As some of their names are "handsome" word, the two girls can be described as "handsome" elegant posture. Zhang Shuai in the women’s singles competition all the way through the quarter finals, although in 7 of the 1/4 finals against the British teenager konta missed the semi-finals, but still create a person in the net, also in the WTA crown tournaments the best scores. After a few seasons ago dormant and after precipitation of the season, Zhang Shuai ushered in the outbreak, in addition to the net in the round of 8, she was at the beginning of the Australian Open also reached the top 8. The world rankings from outside the top one hundred soared to the current thirty-sixth, became a leader in women’s tennis Chinese. Another "Jinhua" Peng Shuai after last year a major surgery, this season has been trying to restore. In this network, wildcard she is not optimistic about the situation in the first round of Alec had never beaten the U.S. champion Venus Williams, let a person shine at the moment. Doubles, she and partner Mike Hale road broke into the quarter finals, which is out of the tournament No. two seed, the Rio Olympic Games)相关的主题文章: