The Mekong River action is worth thinking about the drama vy canis majoris

"The Mekong River action" is worth thinking about the drama original title: "the Mekong River action" is worth thinking about the drama Author: Tan Min National Day Golden Week holiday has ended, after we look forward to the "eleven" Shadow Wars, the results are beyond all expectations. According to the shocked "10· 5 Mekong transnational major adaptation of the main melody movie" action "is not only in the Mekong River on the watercress movie with a score of 8.2 to throw off the other one street, at the box office is a way to counter attack, exceeded 600 million yuan. Many people may ask why? Of course, not just because Eddie Peng and Zhang Hanyu are handsome, it is a film of strength and sincerity. First of all, the plot is compact and smooth, conflict almost the whole point of no urine conform to no conventional pattern. Without looking at the beginning, I know the psychological expectations of the ending. Secondly, the action is too great, refresh the Chinese gangster film height. The main film basically revolves around three big fight scenes, shooting, racing, boat racing and explosion elements of everything, see the adrenaline hurricane, plus drug action group "god Buddha complete" the personnel allocation, the extent of its wonderful as Hollywood blockbusters, people from head to tail. The film was wonderful, but also due to the extreme serious attitude. Because the film is based on a true case adaptation, in order to maximize the reduction of the details, the producers in the acquired film rights, sent a group of folk songs to the trial waxy Kang court scene, the whole process of the trial record, and organize all personnel involved in the case of the interview. Moreover, the special operations team leader Gao Gang prototype, when he was director of the Ministry of public security Narcotics Control Bureau, as the general counsel of the Mekong action, provides a lot of first-hand information on the circumstances of the. The director also do your homework before shooting, the secret to Golden Triangle drug-related village visits. It even all firearms equipment and different gun shooting after the sound has no error, to this extent, the crew is also visible attentively. It is particularly worth mentioning is that although it is the main theme of the film, but in the transmission of values, there is no sense of violation and blunt. The film is to convey the strong strength of the country to resolutely safeguard the interests of Chinese citizens overseas in this grand theme. However, in terms of performance, it is different from the traditional theme film. In the character set, not one-sided set lead tall on the image of both intelligent and courageous, but more important than human nature and human feelings, make the characters more fullness more credible. For example, Eddie Peng’s party will get undercover Xinwu torture intelligence informant, seeking revenge shot has no ability to fight back the suspect, also in order to complete the task and self sacrifice. And those who have been brainwashed to act as drug traffickers daughter bombers, child soldiers in police mobile phone video, will be in the fierce fighting between the points, inadvertently poke in your heart the most sensitive, let you see the police work dangerous and selfless, is so proud of you for the motherland. In fact, almost every Hollywood blockbusters are also convey American values, how to accurately and efficiently transmit our values, "the Mekong River action" has made a good start, worth China film thinking. Editor: Wei Wei相关的主题文章: