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The lesson paid for industrial chain: QQ group main group management orders pumped into the college entrance examination industry summit early warning: how to break the situation has to click on the registration of these candidates after the College Entrance Examination Reform Summit industry still miserable consultant transition or eliminated the college entrance examination of college entrance examination revealed pre planning white paper industry summit flow Cheng Qiangxian college entrance examination since the discipline competition requirements summary three candidates at since the test for the schools: learn what professional admission points ranking key recommendation professional commentary: the "paid for behind the class" is the embarrassment of     "all-weather for class, can deal with all kinds of difficult teacher, a class 20 yuan, quality assurance not bargain." From a single school to colleges and universities intensive areas, are distributed in large and small for class group. The relevant reports for the class, a few years ago has been reported in the newspapers. Today, with the increase in demand, for the class has gradually developed into a campus of the gray industrial chain. There will be a market demand. For students, attendance and daily credit is closely related to the question of whether the smooth graduation; and for college teachers, the attendance rate of students is also an important assessment criteria for teachers. This tends to be the key chain of paid for class. PubMed, looking for a job, boring no interest, love, play games…… Students spend money looking for a variety of reasons for the class. Call, sign, brush two-dimensional code, brush face…… College teachers are also used a variety of methods to restrain the attendance of students. This "cat and mouse" embarrassing situation, both people frown, but also people think. In response to this phenomenon, China’s College Media Alliance has done a survey last year, a random sample of 503 college students, of which 52.09% of college students said there have been around for class phenomenon. And in the course of college students for the group, 46.18% of them through the QQ, WeChat, micro-blog and other media platforms from the direct release or receive information for class, and the 17.18% is through QQ or WeChat for class. Paid for class more than once by the media exposure, the public’s first reaction is often, college students are not sensible, parents pay for reading, students do not spend money reading. This is not only to deceive the school and teachers, but also to deceive their parents and themselves, the impact of bad. There is a lot of criticism about the college students. However, the author would like to say that the board can not only play in college students, the University also has many problems. In the survey mentioned above, 51.90% of college students believe that "conflict with practice or extracurricular practice" is the reason for choosing courses. At the same time, 44.65% of college students are chosen for the course because of the boring or not interested in the course. However, there are still 3.45% of college students are self willed is not to class". Twenty-first Century vice president of Education Research Institute, a renowned education scholar Xiong Bingqi has said that the lack of autonomy in China’s universities, including curriculum autonomy. Coupled with the lack of teachers in the classroom input, the nature of the classroom is not high, the lack of attraction. Furthermore, with the expansion of the University, many courses especially public courses to take large classes)相关的主题文章: