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The hotel also has a big action! – Sohu catering The Ritz Carlton Hotel Management Group officially appointed Tariq ·, Mr. iron is the general manager of Shanghai Portman Lis Carlton hotel. Mr. Tariq from Turkey has more than 20 years experience in Hotel management. He graduated from the school of economics and economics of the University of Istanbul, and received a master’s degree in business administration, Tryp university. Mr. Tariq’s deep economic foundation has had a positive impact on his career. Mr. Tariq joined The Ritz Carlton Hotel management group in 2001 in Istanbul, he opened the The Ritz Carlton Hotel at the Ritz Carlton group’s occupation journey. He has held senior positions in the Jinmao The Ritz Carlton Hotel Sanya Yalong Bay, Singapore Ritz Carlton Hotel and The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Istanbul in the United states. Tariq has been recognized as an outstanding leader in the The Ritz Carlton Hotel where he worked. A number of hotels under his leadership received numerous awards. At the same time, Mr. Tariq is also involved in the world’s seven The Ritz Carlton Hotel preparatory work, including Istanbul, Tokyo, Moscow and Hongkong Hotel Admiral Hotel. Since 2013 to become the member of the Asia Pacific Committee catering consultant since Mr. Tariq has been active in the line, he will be in the Committee on behalf of the Ritz Carlton is located in Sanya, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou hotel. Prior to this, Mr. Tariq served as general manager of The Ritz Carlton Hotel Beijing. During his tenure, he made a great contribution to the hotel’s performance, especially in the hotel is facing the challenge of the market situation, Tariq led the hotel ladies and gentlemen for the guests to create incomparable service experience, improve customer satisfaction, but also let the hotel in Asia Pacific Hotel competitions, won third place success. The same period the average price of the hotel and other business indicators have also been significantly improved. In the world famous travel review site Tripadvisor Urban Inn in Beijing, The Ritz Carlton Hotel Beijing rose to sixth. "Shanghai has always been a very special place in my heart, and I am very happy to be here in Shanghai and have the opportunity to work at the iconic Portman The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Shanghai. Its numerous awards and accolades prove that the hotel will no doubt continue to use first-class services and facilities to expand the changing market to attract global tourists. I am looking forward to cooperation with the hotel and excellent staff, together with the hotel to consolidate one of the platinum five star hotel position, at the same time through our sincere solicitude, personalized service, to establish a close relationship to the The Ritz Carlton Hotel guests." Mr. Tariq said. Apart from work, Tariq likes to have a good time with his family. He is good at discovering new trends in the industry, but also keen to explore the world of food and wine. He is versatile and enjoys playing guitar. As he is also fond of gourmet tourism, historic and cultural city is Tariq’s love, such as Florence, Rome etc.. — — — Chapter相关的主题文章: