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The first college textbooks in Fujian Anxi tea health first – Beijing, Beijing, September 26 Anxi Xinhua (reporter Sun Hong) Guoneishoubu University Health Science Textbooks — "tea tea health", 26 in "Chinese Oolong Tea" township of Anxi County in Fujian province first. The reporter learned from the premiere, "tea health science" will be widely used in Colleges and universities across the country, professional, and became a part of higher education majors, compulsory and elective courses. "Health tea" co written by experts and scholars of universities, Fujian Agriculture And Forestry University, Ningde Normal University, Wuyi University Fujian open university. The contents include scientific research and data of tea health care, tea health care, tea health care, tea health care, tea and health care. Lin Jinke, President of the Anxi Institute of tea, Fujian Agriculture And Forestry University, told reporters that the scientific experiments and clinical practice of modern medicine have proved that tea has many health functions. Tea health care has become a new hot research field in modern medicine, pharmacy and tea science. Therefore, it is necessary to write a textbook of tea health. It is worth mentioning that the "health" tea a book to a lot of space to introduce various health components and health function of Anxi Tieguanyin Tea. Tea from the prevention of endocrine, trauma, facial features, gynecology, pediatrics and a variety of psychological disease prevention and health care, finishing the provision of hundreds of tea health care side. The same day, Lin Jinke entitled Anxi Tieguanyin Tea and health lectures, in plain English "introduced the latest achievements in the research Anxi Tieguanyin Tea health tea health science", the lecture is full of rich and insightful academic knowledge, accept and take into account the first-line managers and practitioners, is a Tang valuable academic guidance and popularization of theory class, health class. Lin Jinke said that the health of China’s construction is advancing, advocating the whole society to promote a healthy and civilized way of life, to create a green and healthy environment to reduce disease. Anxi Tieguanyin Tea and Tao, natural and elegant beauty, is a healthy and civilized way of life. "Therefore, common sense health the popularity of Anxi Tieguanyin Tea in the whole society is particularly important." (end)相关的主题文章: