The explosion of Note7 users Samsung has two door and is willing to pay 10 thousand yuan

The explosion of Note7 users: Samsung has two door and 10 thousand Yuanguo Note7 explosion would compensate the user: Samsung has two door and is willing to pay 10 thousand yuan this is South Korea’s Samsung Corp released the latest flagship mobile phone Note7. The mobile phone market began in South Korea, the United States, Britain and other ten countries and regions worldwide from August 19th, can people did not expect that, from August 24th onwards, the sales of mobile phone has exploded, as of September 1st, Samsung customer service received a total of 35 Note7 mobile phone battery explosion complaints, Samsung announced in September 2nd recall, about 2 million 500 thousand Note7 in the global mobile phone, but the recall does not include China area. China is an important overseas market for Samsung, and tens of millions of Chinese consumers have contributed a lot to the Samsung Corp every year. Why isn’t China in its recall? What happens if Chinese consumers are exposed to mobile phones? While many consumers in the online Chinese, Samsung Corp China There were many discussions. That area is the Note7 mobile phone, mobile phone, the battery and the international market of Samsung mobile phone battery, by another battery manufacturers, no explosion, so no need to recall. Mobile phones are still in our hands, they actually said that the test!" While Chinese consumers sigh of relief, I did not expect, in September 18th, there were two online consumers, claiming that their Samsung Note7 phone exploded! The user said that the mobile phone explosion occurred at 9 in the evening, when she and her husband at home. Samsung Note7 mobile phone users: the explosion in our room, my husband doesn’t feel right, immediately throw, throw it directly, are all Zizi Zi, white smoke, the stench of only their own experience to know. This is the Samsung version of the Samsung Note7 mobile phones in mainland China occurred second explosions. Prior to this, a boy called you in the Baidu post bar, said: she bought the Samsung Note7 coral blue version of the phone in the Jingdong, when the explosion occurred in use. When the mobile phone is not in use in the process of charging, suddenly black screen and then body shake, thrown to the side of mobile phone exploded, but fortunately no injuries. Photo display, mobile phone on the left side of the screen are mostly burn marks, the middle position of coke black, but the screen is not broken. In the two country line version of the Note7 mobile phone exploded in the evening of September 19th, Samsung released a statement claiming that the Samsung Electronics Research Institute, quality inspection center Department conducted a detailed analysis of the product, that product damage is the consequence of external heating. Then the Korean "Korean Daily" published an article that the recovery of two Samsung mobile phone, X and CT were analyzed by light of the product results, found in the external battery intentionally heating traces, reports also said that Samsung suspect this is a consumer to cheat compensation vicious behavior, are discussing the 2 consumer Chinese explosion to advocate the hypocrisy of the criminal prosecution and legal countermeasures. Samsung’s statement and the South Korean media reports, the second explosion occurred in Shanghai mobile phone users said they were very angry. Mobile phone users: we are very angry,.相关的主题文章: