The CEOs of sexual abuse of female users with a vehicle data recorder and photographed the entire pr autobots

The CEOs of sexual abuse of female users with a vehicle data recorder and photographed the entire process of Yangzi Evening News (correspondent reporter Zhu Dingzhao Huang from your strong) 27 year old Zhang Li in Lianshui County, a supermarket to work, her husband usually work in the field, rarely go home. In order to pass the time, she chatted through the phone chat software and friends. One day in June this year, her unfamiliar street account, suddenly received a male friend application, it is confirmed that the next two people chatted up. The netizen claiming Wang Qiang (a pseudonym), more than 40 this year, is the boss of a company in Huaian. With the chat deeply, Zhang Li found Wang Qiang talked more gentleman, also very concerned about the people. Soon, Wang Qiang proposed to meet her at noon, but Wang Qiang didn’t show up, meet in the afternoon when the noon did not eat, Wang Qiang called Kendl Ki to go to her, which makes Zhang Li very moved. After eating KFC, Zhang Li put forward to want to go home to see, Wang Qiang volunteered to drive back to his home. On the way, Wang Qiang handed Zhang Li a bottle of drink, drink the drink, she was a bit confused, to wake up, found that she had sent her back to the county seat, said his company has something to hurry back to the urban area of the city in the middle of the year, and then she went back to the town. After returning home, Zhang Yu think the more things are not right, and at this time, she has found his clothes were taken off, so the alarm. Lianshui police after the alarm, according to Zhang Li chats quickly locked Wang Qiang, according to Wang Qiang account, he first saw Zhang Li, have the inordinate ambitions but he was afraid of being rejected, so he bought from the Internet to drink potions. Police investigation found that Wang Qiang not only in the case of Zhang Li remain unconscious to rape, will flip the vehicle recorder to record the entire process. In Wang Qiang’s cell phone, the police actually found dozens of his and different women’s indecent video. At present, Wang Qiang have been detained by police, the case is under further investigation. (Yangzi Evening News)相关的主题文章: