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The temperature dropped to single digits in Sichuan will welcome the most cold winter q-how can worry about, like not wearing long johns cold case. The last two days, "forget to wear long johns" once again become the unspeakable pain. The ensuing cold air, Chengdu into the "limbo", a second winter. This is no longer cold, "your mother think you cold, even in peacetime the pursuit of" style "young people do not care so much, looking for long johns carry off all that one has. In October 29th, Chengdu ushered in the cold air short sunny weather, the sun appeared to have little effect, can not stop the pace of long johns into Chengdu. The sun is the sun is the sun decoration decoration long johns simmering morning, sunny, thought it must be a warm weekend. Can wear unlined trousers out of the door, when the north wind blew through the clothes, a deep feeling of being cheated — the sun is so good, the weather is so cold? What time does the Chengdu learn north, become girl? 29, Chengdu finally came to the sun, but the temperature is not enthusiastic". 8 in the morning, the temperature dropped to a single digit in Chengdu – only about 9.6 degrees C. Do you wear or not to wear long johns, cool there, avoid leaning to either side. With the pitifully low temperature resistance for a few minutes, by the cold Chengdu people choose to surrender — home to long johns. The autumn clothes into long johns then put in long johns into the socks, ugly is ugly, but warm. The sun, down jacket, cotton padded jacket below contests, thick coat, long johns simmering, this is yesterday’s Chengdu. 29, Chengdu, the highest temperature of only 16.3 degrees, only higher than the previous day, the temperature of 0.3 degrees, the sun is a display. West Sichuan Xichuan ushered in the snow for a week will usher in the snow image: white Formica Club basketball baby milk white corrupt life Xu Dongdong bomb hit Deyang street now eat poisonous Datura basketball baby swimsuit show legs show good figure middle-aged man about 16 95 beautiful girls house Sichuan this mob drug or welcome the cold winter? Wear long johns drama, not only staged in Chengdu. Recently, cold air raging in Sichuan, the temperature has shrunk severely. 27, also more than 20 degrees Celsius in Yibin, Ziyang, Zigong and other places, in the 28 also can not hold up, have fallen to more than and 10 degrees. Guangwu hill, Jiuzhaigou, and other places have Dagu iceberg snow, red leaves in autumn and winter snow, cold air was also got confused feelings. The day before, Chinese weather network issued a national long johns map. With the daily minimum temperature dropped to 5 degrees below the standard as to wear long johns, statistics found that already appeared long johns in the north of China in large range, and Western Sichuan have been assigned to occupy the territory of long johns Jun. Chengdu is fairly safe, but in a cold air and then a boost, the end of October to early November. These days, the minimum temperature of 5 degrees line will move south, close to the Qinling Mountains to Huaihe line. The winter is so cubujifang to? Do you remember the hot summer months two months ago? We have experienced the hottest in the history of the summer, in general, the average annual temperature will not change in general相关的主题文章: