Target among the world’s top three Ghosn talk about the importance of the Chinese market kimi wo omou melodi

Among the world’s top three Ghosn talk about the importance of the Chinese market in 2016, the French Paris auto show on September 29th officially opened the curtain. Home court "combat" Reynolds brand, not only in the opening of the show the day of the conference brought a new concept car TREZOR, but also to show the world the development of the concept of brand for the future, including design, product and market layout etc.. After the end of the conference, Netcom editor and Renault Nissan Alliance CEO and chairman of the Renault group (with reference, pictures, inquiries) Carlos · (Carlos Ghosn) stopped Renault booth for a brief communication. In a face to face conversation, Mr. Ghosn expressed his expectation that China will become the world’s largest market for the Renault Nissan alliance. In addition, the new energy and automatic driving is a hot topic in the automotive industry, the two areas Renault Nissan alliance will have greater action in china. Netcom: in the Chinese market, Renault in 2017, what are the challenges in China? Ghosn: first of all, I think the Chinese market will continue to grow in 2017, China and India have become the engine of the global industry. 2017 is a very important year for Renault, our sales will take off, like a plane, is taking up and speeding up. Nissan is concerned, is also a very important year, will further promote Kai Chen products, this is also very critical. Netcom: how do you see China’s new energy market? Renault in China’s new energy market strategy or plan? Ghosn: I think China will become the world’s largest market, all contribute to the electrification of the market is a great potential. For Nissan, Kai Chen will push the brand electric car to China; for Renault, we and partners in the east to promote new electric vehicle projects. So I am optimistic about the development of electric vehicles in china. Netcom: Renault and Dongfeng for the new electric car project, whether it can be described in more detail? Ghosn: Renault and Dongfeng cooperation, we are very interested in an economy of pure electric vehicles to the market. Currently Renault and Dongfeng partners to discuss the final project has not yet made a decision, but is under study. Netcom: the Paris auto show Renault released a new concept car equipped with automatic driving technology, how will this automatic driving technology in China? Ghosn: the autopilot will enter the China, this is undoubted. At present, the various car dealers in this area is very intense competition, Chinese consumers are very interested in related technologies. At the time of the relevant laws and regulations in China, our products will enter china. At present, our prototype is the United States and Japan do the relevant test. At the same time, Renault, of course, will not forget the Chinese market. We will carry out some projects in the Chinese market, which will help us to complete the work of product differentiation, but also help improve the competitiveness of products. Netcom: MITSUBISHI’s accession to the Renault Nissan Alliance to provide help? Ghosn: Renault Nissan Alliance’s goal is to become the world’s top three, the next step and MITSUBISHI cooperation will be very helpful to this. We believe that 2016 includes MITSUBISHI.相关的主题文章: