Taizhou, a man in the face of the beautiful woman has repeatedly published in the magazine nlite

A Taizhou man in the painting beauty face repeatedly published in the Journal Zaibing Chen, Taizhou Xianju a 70 male makeup artist, make-up pen showing a picture of women’s delicate face, so good to hear or see. He graduated from the fine arts, had been engaged in glass art, handicraft product design, although it is only in makeup, but because of the perception of high, and has a very deep aesthetic view and the creation of beauty makeup skills, with his pen embellishment, the characters tend to give people with a full life and find everything fresh and new art breath feeling. Good idea Chen Zaibing, cleverly art perfectly in the woman’s face, he served as South Korea beauty contest judges, published a number of articles in "the dresser" magazine, the design of wheat, sorghum, corn alone or accumulation of human head works have been published in the domestic industry the authority of "hairdressing cosmetic Division" magazine. Although he enjoys a high reputation in the industry, and his life, but in the small town of Xianju opened a small studio. Although the shop is not big, but came to ask him to make up the young girl, middle-aged woman is really a lot. Whether it is the bride makeup, Party makeup, or ordinary Jane makeup, he can show the beauty of the people. He can according to the female facial outline, produce the corresponding makeup suit to the right places, the makeup is the beauty of the creator, lofty name human engraver, which brings endless laughter to people, to show the charm of a makeup artist. He won the Seventh National Photography Contest best makeup stylist, 2015 Chinese international fashion stylist awards honorary president Mr. Fang stone commented: Chen Zaibing has rich imagination and creativity, unique design, good bride makeup and creative makeup, is an accomplished make-up star.相关的主题文章: