Su old artist into the campus for students to teach thousands of old skills (Figure) – Beijing sweets parade

Su old artist into the campus for students to teach thousands of old skills (Figure) – Beijing new network in Xingtai in September 14, (Zhang Pengxiang Li Tiechui Yin Caihong) red, pink, green, dough, kneaded, rubbing, kneading and other techniques, a fresh rose appears in front of. "It’s amazing!" When the city of Xingtai in Hebei province Su old artist Zhang Shuwen with unique skill – clay sculpture, entered Xingtai City Qiaoxi District Northwest left primary school, from the classroom shouted. Although the class time has not arrived, the classroom has come to a dozen students in advance. "We have a long way to go." Seven or eight teachers have heard about. Zhang Shuwen motioned to the students picked up the box of fresh dough, box color dough prepared. "Come on, let’s put some oil on our hands." Under the guidance of Zhang Shuwen students pick up the dough in front of him, while he explained the main points of the production. I saw his hands furiously dancing in the dough, kneading, rubbing, wrap, lift, pinch, and small pieces of plastic carved, in an instant, in the backdrop of green leaves, a beautiful rose was born. Zhang Shuwen taught the students in making dough. Zhang Pengxiang photo is very good, amazing!" The initial contact with the ingenuity of the clay sculpture, Hou Qingyi students love it, she followed the steps of making the old artist, after 40 minutes, then many in the hand of a rose. Look at the side of the Guo Miaoyao students, although the little girl hand slowly, pinch out the flowers are relatively small, but the little girl is still very happy, I want to give the rose to her mother." "The China sculpture art in early Han Dynasty have been written, thousands of years of history, is a part of China culture and folk art. We will show these old skills to the students, in addition to the children want to bring the joy of childhood, but also to allow students to experience, hands-on ability to improve the spiritual world to grow." The left primary school principals Ren Zhenmin said, in their school, in addition to the daily teaching, but also to carry out a variety of special courses, such as chess, chess, paper cutting and so on, in this semester they also prepare into the elective course characteristics of needlework. "Every week we will ask the master Zhang to teach sculpture class, let interested students can fully understand and grasp the traditional skills, close understanding of folk art, traditional culture." Ren Zhenmin introduction. "I spent 27 years in the dough, now is to let the line carry forward, this is my biggest dream and wish. Now to see so many children love clay sculpture, not to mention I am happy. I will teach the children, let the old art heritage." Zhang Shuwen said. (end)相关的主题文章: