Storm three quarter revenue of only 480 thousand of net profit of only $400 million due to the sharp cibi

The three quarter revenue of 400 million net profit of only 480 thousand said that because the TV panel prices original title: the third quarter revenue of 400 million net profit of only 480 thousand of the storm group said that because of TV panel prices each reporter Zhu Wanping in October 28th, the storm group disclosed in 2016 three quarterly, the third quarter the company achieved operating income of 402 million yuan, an increase of 203.99%, while revenue record high, but net profit was down 97.16%, only 487 thousand and 600 yuan. The reason for the sharp decline in net profit in the third quarter, the company said, mainly is the price of TV panel and other raw materials rose sharply, resulting in a substantial increase in cost, while the previous two equity incentive plan the company expenses for the period compared to the same period last year due to a substantial increase, have a greater impact on profits. After deduction of non net losses of 6 million 10 thousand each by the investment treasure (micro signal: mjtzb2) according to storm group earnings, net profit of the company this year, the first second, the third quarter was 3 million 395 thousand and 500 yuan, 15 million 468 thousand yuan and 487 thousand and 600 yuan, the company net profit in the second quarter growth in the big chain at the same time, but the chain in the third quarter slump 96.84%. Not only that, the company’s third quarter net profit after deducting non recurring gains and losses, in fact, a loss of $6 million 10 thousand and 500, which means that the operation of the storm in the third quarter of the group is actually a loss. In the non recurring income, the vast majority of government subsidies. Three quarterly report shows that the first quarter of the storm group included in the current profit or loss of government subsidies 15 million 308 thousand and 900 yuan, accounting for the first quarter of this year, net profit of 19 million 351 thousand yuan in the first three quarters of 79.11%. But in fact the annual financial subsidies from the government for storm group and a lot of public information, government subsidies 2012~2015 years included in the current profits and losses were 4 million 814 thousand and 900 yuan, 9 million 608 thousand and 700 yuan, 5 million 179 thousand and 900 yuan and 10 million 235 thousand and 500 yuan, accounting for the net profit of the year 8.62%, 24.93%, 12.38% and 5.9%. As for the company’s net profit decline, the storm group in previous results notice is given two explanations: on the one hand, the TV new product launch and marketing a substantial increase in the cost and expenses; on the other hand, TV panels and other raw material prices rose sharply, but also lead to a substantial increase in the cost of. In fact, the most important part of the TV as the core of the panel, has been the most important cost of the TV machine. And since August of this year, the domestic mainstream TV panel prices have risen significantly, according to the data provided by the previous music, in the past year in August, 40, 43 inch panel prices reached 12%~. To this end, as the music has been part of its TV models price increases. Two equity incentives on the greater impact on profits, on the other hand, storm group, said the company during the same period last year, a substantial increase in the cost of operating profit has a greater impact on the company. Among them, the company launched a total of two equity incentive plan, resulting in equity incentive costs相关的主题文章: