Stainless steel cabinet comeback price and be roughly the same solid wood cabinet

A stainless steel cabinet price and solid wood cabinets in 7~8 years ago, remember be roughly the same, stainless steel cabinet once the fire over a period of time, but later dim, some people think that is because the stainless steel price than artificial stone expensive, some people think that, because of its single shape, cold style will not be accepted by consumers. In the eyes of the industry veteran, stainless steel cabinet is the most important problem is the design and process, the design requirements are quite accurate, cutting, modeling, installation requires mature technology. However, this time, stainless steel cabinets again comeback, "Yan Yan" rebirth, can become the darling of the market? Market status: stainless steel cabinet, a raid exhibition, building materials exhibition held in Guangzhou on the stainless steel cabinet captured the whole cabinet most booth, Nebach, Fatio, Chi bang, pougny extension and other brands, "this is not the biggest, in Beijing" held in 2016 China (Beijing) International Home Furnishing Design Festival cum Home Furnishing industry and Trade Fair ", the design of stainless steel cabinet lineup is more powerful." Bang Bang cabinet official told reporters. In Guangzhou, so the whole cabinet has been quietly into the store, Dior is very early in the Olympic Sports Center of the Mercure center, stainless steel cabinet as its signature product. Recently, Nebach also opened a shop, there are a variety of different styles of stainless steel cabinets overall samples, in addition to cool fashion style, and combined with the steel wood products. The state cabinet cabinet stainless steel cabinets, has already started selling in its stores. "It’s a whole new wave." The whole kitchen equipment China Hardware Association branch secretary Zhao Hanqing said, as early as 2008, Italy, Germany began production of high-end whole cabinet with stainless steel, so it is very fast in the international popular. Later, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Fujian and other places have been the enterprise production technology and equipment introduced, one of Fujian’s "steel Hong technology" was the most remarkable, in the introduction of technology through independent research and development, solve the stainless steel cabinet standard production and on-site assembly and other problems, so as to return to the family as the cornerstone of stainless steel cabinets. According to the reporter, since April 2014, Dior stainless steel cabinet to replace the old Huimin service, 2 years have nearly a thousand customers choose to remove the wooden cabinets, stainless steel into the overall cabinet. "It takes a process, but a good prospect." Stainless steel cabinets in Europe and the United States higher awareness, more than 90% of Germany’s home kitchen will use stainless steel cabinets, but in China, stainless steel household cabinet has just started." Guangzhou Naibahe Home Furnishing CEO Ma Wenrui does not deny the stainless steel cabinet facing the dilemma, but he is convinced that the future will be more competitive in the market of stainless steel cabinet. The highlights are frequent: there are many advantages of good design in the exhibition in the reporter walked around, and in a few large stores in the Home Furnishing careful observation, found the stainless steel cabinet has all take on an altogether new aspect. From the style, both elegant and gorgeous with simple European style, the new Chinese style steady heavy, and concise modern style etc.. If only from the outside, perhaps a lot of people do not know what is a stainless steel cabinet, because the surface is not only.相关的主题文章: