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Sino US high-level dialogue — why has settled Ningxia Tourism Travel Channel original title: Sino US dialogue why tourism settled Ningxia National Tourism Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce National Travel Office, the Tourism Promotion Bureau jointly decided: September 8th to 12, held the Tenth China US tourism high-level dialogue in Ningxia, and this event as one of the 2016 "China Tourism Year" ten important activities. This news came out in the tourism industry waves. As a China deep inland, relatively underdeveloped provinces, Ningxia how to get to the international stage to flagging concern. "In Ningxia, China and the United States held a high-level dialogue on tourism, Ningxia is actively seeking, the results of multi support, but also the expectations of the Chinese and American tourism industry." Ningxia Tourism Development Committee official said. A year ago, to participate in the dialogue session of the Ninth China US Tourism Commission Director, director of the cooperative development in the United States of California Losangeles, a Ningxia in-depth promotion, let us counterparts first understand Ningxia, realized that Ningxia has a number of attractive enough American tourists and tourism resources and tourism products, and widely the United States and the United States recognized by the industry on behalf of praise. Autonomous Region Party committee and government attach great importance to the development of tourism, and constantly improve the basis for the development of tourism at the same time, actively seek the support of the National Tourism administration. Finally, the National Tourism Administration and the United States Tourism Promotion Bureau jointly decided to hold the Tenth China US tourism high-level dialogue held in Ningxia in 2016. In this sense, China Tourism held high-level talks in Ningxia, is the National Tourism Administration of Ningxia tourism development trust, is the United States Department of Commerce Office of travel and tourism and the Tourism Promotion Bureau of tourism industry in Ningxia’s favor, but also in the Autonomous Region Party committee and government attach great importance to the rapid development of the tourism in Ningxia. It is understood that the Sino US high-level dialogue will focus on tourism, the two countries deeper tourism exchanges and pragmatic cooperation between the two countries, from the tourists to provide more convenience and services, encourage their tourism industry to develop more dialogue for tourism products and services, promote the aviation department to provide more personalized service. In fact, the high-level dialogue between China and the United States is not just a dialogue. According to the "142" series of activities, the high-level dialogue will also include tourism promotion and product line inspection, friends of the city forum, Wine promotion, cultural tourism activities and Chinese (Ningxia) International Tourism Expo and the 2016 Helan Shandong International Tourism Expo mountain grape. (reporter Li Hui) (commissioning editor: Zhao Peng (Intern), Qin Jing)相关的主题文章: