Shale gas development plan 2020 strive to achieve output of 30 billion cubic meters aizi

Shale gas development plan: 2020 strive to achieve output of 30 billion cubic meters on the National Energy Board issued shale gas development plan (2016-2020) of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities development and Reform Commission and municipalities (Energy Bureau), the relevant enterprises: to speed up China’s shale gas development, standardize and guide the "13th Five-Year" period of shale gas exploration and development, the "shale gas development plan (2016-2020)" issued to you, please follow the implementation. The development planning of National Energy Bureau in September 14, 2016 shale gas (2016-2020), the shale gas revolution in the United States have a significant impact on the international market of natural gas and the pattern of world energy, the world’s major countries have stepped up efforts to shale gas exploration and development. "12th Five-Year" during the exploration and development of shale gas in China has made a major breakthrough, become the first outside North America to achieve large-scale commercial development of the country, has laid a solid foundation for the industrialization development of "13th Five-Year". In accordance with the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward at the sixth meeting of the central financial work leading group on promoting energy supply revolution, revolution, technological revolution and the revolutionary system of the spirit of the instructions, in order to accelerate the exploration and development of shale gas, increasing the supply of clean energy, optimizing energy structure, to meet the rapid development of economy and society, and constantly improve people’s living standards and green low carbon the environmental needs of the construction, the specially formulated planning. The planning for the guidance of the planning period from 2016 to 2020, looking forward to the year of 2030. Two, planning background (a) the foundation for the development of China’s shale gas resources overall is relatively abundant, through the "12th Five-Year" research and exploration, southern marine shale gas resources in the basic implementation, and to achieve the scale of development; fundamental breakthroughs in key technologies to develop shale gas engineering equipment, the initial realization of localization; get important experience of shale gas mining rights management foreign cooperation and policy support etc.. Overall, China’s shale gas industry started well, basically completed the 12th Five-Year plan is expected to target. 1, shale gas resource evaluation basic geological survey and assessment has made important progress in the delineation of more than 10 favorable targets, and have made important discoveries in the area of new strata, identify the Paleozoic strata of South China is the recent development in China the main shale gas layers, which lays a foundation for the further development of commercial exploration. The latest assessment results according to the 2015 Ministry of land and resources, the technically recoverable shale gas resources in the amount of 21 trillion and 800 billion cubic meters, 13 trillion cubic meters, of which the marine transitional facies and continental 5 trillion and 100 billion cubic meters 3 trillion and 700 billion cubic meters. 2, the exploration and development of shale gas exploration in the country set up a total of 44, an area of 144 thousand square kilometers. In recent years through exploration, the Sichuan basin and its surrounding a large number of shale gas wells get industrial gas flow in the Silurian Longmaxi marine shale exploration, confirmed the resources and development potential; Triassic continental shale formation Erdos basin for gas exploration. 2012, the national development and Reform Commission, the energy board approved the establishment of Changning – Weiyuan, Zhaotong, Fuling and other 3 national level theory相关的主题文章: