Shadow Warrior 2 ign score of 8.6 ” Wang ” mouth still sharp

"Shadow Warrior 2" IGN score of 8.6 " Wang " mouth still sharp "Shadow Warrior 2" IGN score of 8.6 by the Poland studio Devolver Digital development of the "Shadow Warrior 2 (Shadow Warrior 2)" has recently officially unlocked. In the previous report, we can see the game released in 2013 compared with the previous game, not only in the screen and weapons have a great improvement, but also to join the cooperation model and many other aspects of the content. So what about the quality of the game? Recently, foreign media IGN responded: "related to the evaluation of the overall score of Shadow Warrior 2" IGN score of 8.6 games to 8.6 points, overall it is very good (Great) of an action game. In the specific evaluation in the IGN editor for the game protagonist "Wang (Lo Wang)" are the sharp mouth very high evaluation, can be said that the protagonist of the funny laugh, let the game from A to Z fun. This is also inherited the style of the works consistently. Of course, in the combat system of the game, IGN on the game’s rich weapons drop system as well as the newly added cooperative combat system, also gives a very satisfactory evaluation. The inadequacies of the game, IGN believes that the game is mainly reflected in the design of some of the monster is still a bit monotonous, while some of the fighting, the game is also slightly less sensitive to the fight. The fast-paced action game (source: ali123 editor: unhappy) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: