Securities and Futures Commission to amend the reorganization of the way to cancel the matching fina jkforum

The Commission revised reorganization measures to cancel   supporting financing; curb fudge realignment — real estate — original title: the Commission revised restructuring measures to cancel supporting financing to curb fudge realignment to curb false reorganization, Fudge realignment of cooling, fried shell, the Commission in June 17th this year launched the "major asset restructuring of listed companies management approach" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") modified recombinant work has been finished. The revised "restructuring approach" was officially promulgated on September 9th. The amendments include: improve the restructuring of the listing criteria. Referring to the mature market experience, refine on the listed company’s change in the control of the identified standards, improve the scale of the purchase of assets to determine the indicators, clear the cumulative first principle of the period of 60 months. However, the 60 month period does not apply to the GEM listed company reorganization, also does not apply to the purchase of the assets belong to finance, venture capital and other specific industries, these two kinds of situations should be accumulated according to the original specifications. The revised "reorganization measures" to improve the supporting regulatory measures, cancel the restructuring and listing of related financing, improve the requirements for the restructuring of the strength, extend the lock related shareholders, to curb short-term speculation and the concept of speculation. Clearly, the former controlling shareholder of the company listed, the actual controller and its control of the association by the acquirer, should be a public commitment, the original shares shall not be transferred within 36 months after the completion of this transaction; for assets purchased by the listed company shares reorganization of the party, to which should open commitment since the shares issued after the end of 24 months shall not be transferable. Meanwhile, the amendment, in accordance with the principle of comprehensive supervision, strengthen the responsibility of listed companies and intermediaries, increase accountability. In accordance with the new regulations, the listed company and the last 3 years the controlling shareholder and actual controller being a criminal investigation or investigation, the listed company cannot carry out restructuring and listing, but there are exceptions, namely illegal termination has been over 3 years, this restructuring can eliminate the adverse consequences and does not affect the behavior of people except for the responsibility; at the same time, the controlling shareholder and actual controller by the exchange publicly condemned, or the presence of other major acts of dishonesty (for example due to the existence of illegal securities and futures was sentenced to a criminal punishment or administrative punishment behavior etc.), a listed company within 12 months of reorganization. In addition, two provisions related with "reorganization measures", namely "on the strengthening and the major asset restructuring of listed companies related abnormal stock trading supervision of the" Interim Provisions "on the norms of major asset restructuring of listed companies some of the provisions", but also with the corresponding amendment, effective September 9th. Two provisions of the main content of the amendment has two: first, to shorten the termination of a major asset restructuring process, cold period, shortened from 3 months to 1 months. A major asset restructuring plan or draft disclosure of listed companies after a major asset restructuring process of active termination, the listed company shall, at the same time commitment from the date of announcement for at least 1 months longer planning a major reorganization of assets; 3 months once again launched a major asset restructuring behavior, should start again in the restructuring plan and report, focusing on disclosure the last reason of the termination of the restructuring, the short-term re start the restructuring program)相关的主题文章: