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SAIC Volkswagen to buy high-end guide recommended two extreme edition October 21, 2016, SAIC Volkswagen Aung officially listed. As the Volkswagen’s latest flagship product, the positioning of a large class of cars undoubtedly represents the highest level of public technology in china. So, this new car how to choose and choose, please pay attention to the current purchase guide. Hui ang new public profile evaluation – new Volkswagen Hui ang (micro-blog) at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show debut, the new car is in large mass for the design and development of China market. The new car launched a total of two turbocharged 2.0L turbocharged 3.0L power and a total of 8 models, priced at 34.90-65.90 million. Hui ang Volkswagen models listed price list price (yuan) 380TSI Royal honour Edition (2.0T) 34.90380TSI Royal honour Edition Deluxe Edition (2.0T) 38.90380TSI Extreme Edition (2.0T) 40.90380TSI (2.0T) 46.90380TSI chief executive edition version of ultimate (2.0T) 53.90480 V6 Extreme Edition (3.0L V6 52.90480 V6 (increasing) administrative version 3.0L V6 increased 58.90480 V6) administrative version of ultimate (3.0L V6 increase) and Audi A6L (65.90 new car based on ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Volkswagen MLB platform to build the same vehicle, the Volkswagen brand has always been the continuation of the family design style, simple and significant gas. The length and width of the new car were 5074mm, 1893mm, 1489mm (3.0T 1463mm), the wheelbase is 3009mm. The interior, Hui ang the Volkswagen Volkswagen family style interior design, to highlight the new sense of quality through some of the details of the adjustment, such as leather wrapped steering wheel, mahogany trim pattern and various metallic trim etc.. According to the different configuration will provide the Titan black, crescent m, Espresso brown and the royal red interior color. Powertrain, SAIC Volkswagen ang carry 3.0L V6 supercharged engine and the third generation EA888 2.0T engine. Among them, 3.0T V6 engine maximum power of 220kW (300Ps), peak torque of 440N· m; 2.0T third generation EA888 engine maximum power of 162kW (220Ps), peak torque of 350N· M. Transmission, the engine is matched with 7 speed wet dual clutch gearbox. The analysis of models as the mass in the Chinese domestic flagship sedan, Hui ang since entry models showed a higher price in line with its positioning. Which 2.0T model as the basic power, can meet the daily needs of most users, and 3.0T models, more is to raise the product image and meet the demand for power users and four-wheel drive system. As an entry-level model, the 380TSI two drive Royal respect undoubtedly has a more rich configuration, can meet the ordinary daily needs, full.相关的主题文章: